Going Afield



1. abroad; away from home.

2. off the beaten path; far and wide: to go afield in one’s reading.

3. off the mark: His criticism was totally afield.

4. in or to the field or countryside.

5. beyond the range or field of one’s experience, knowledge, acquaintanceship, etc.: a philosophy far afield of previous philosophical thought. (dictionary.com)

My original plan was to name the blog Amanda Abroad, but the domain name was taken, and this seems more fitting.  I am moving away from home, away from the beaten path where my life to date has led me and definitely beyond the range of my current experiences.  I suppose I am also moving literally to the field or country side as well.  The blog name is appropriate.
I will be moving from New England, where I have lived my entire life, across the pond to England in the fall.  It was a difficult and complicated decision, but I am confident it was the right one.
More details to come.

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