Uncharted Territory

These last two weeks have marked some important steps in all of my ongoing endeavors. 

First… I ran the farthest I ever have, 15 miles last weekend.  I was very happy that I was able to run without stopping the entire time and felt surprisingly good afterward.  The run was not as flat as I’d hoped but I maintained a 10:15 pace, which I was happy with.  I’m not really sure what to expect pace wise from here on out because everything is new, so I’m satisfied being able to run without stopping for the entire distance.  Maybe that will change when I hit the 18 and 20 mile runs, and I’ll be happy to stagger through the last few miles, but we will see how it goes.  October 5 is coming quickly!

Side note: I also discovered the joy of non-cotton socks.  I realize I am a crazy person for not using them for the 5 half marathons I have completed…but now I will never go back!!

In other news, my UK visa was officially approved! I mean, I guess I knew it would be, but it’s still a relief to have it in hand.  Looks pretty sweet too.  And all our belongings (the ones that are going at least) are currently en route to the UK!  Which is exciting, scary and makes for a pretty empty house.  Since the place we rented is furnished we are leaving behind lamps, a table, some bedroom furniture etc. but most things are gone.

Finally, Lucas and I have booked (most of) our Iceland trip in September!  I’m so excited since it is supposed to be beautiful and there are so many different activities/adventures to take on!  More details as we make decisions about the trip!  It will be the farthest north I’ve ever been!

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