So… the madness is setting in.  Studying is in full swing, as is marathon training.  I’ve got an 18 miler coming up on Saturday and I’m not sure how it’s going to go.  Very slowly.  The idea of running for 3 hours straight is a little intimidating.  I’m leaning towards fueling with 2 x gu and 1 or two bags of sport beans. And of course a hydration backpack.

Our Iceland vacation is becoming slightly stressful as well, as it is in September, and there is a volcano on the verge of erupting/potentially currently erupting underneath the glaciers there.  Not exactly what we were hoping for.  Aside from obsessively checking volcano updates, there really isn’t much we can do besides hope for the best.  Aside from that, I am really excited to visit Iceland!  We’re planning on visiting the Blue Lagoon, exploring Reykjavik (and the nightlife!!), traversing the Golden Circle, and I’m currently looking into glacier hikes/more waterfalls to visit.  Any advice on what to see would be appreciated! (although Lucas vetoed the phallological museum….) We’ll be staying in downtown Reykjavik since it will really be only an extended long weekend so we won’t have time to venture further out.

I’ve been working on the paperwork to move the cats as well, and once I talk to the vet and get more detailed information, I’ll update on that as well.  I’m sure they’re very excited to move to Europe.

Another trip is in the works…(surprise!).  This time to Ireland…the US is playing a soccer (football? hey, I’m still in the US for a few more months) game against Ireland in Dublin, and we figured it was as good an excuse as any to meander over there.

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