Iceland Part I: Blue Lagoon

Things are getting crazy here as the move gets closer, so I apologize for the delay in posting.  Iceland was amazing.  I want to go back someday, hopefully sooner rather than later and drive the whole ring road.  It was beautiful, and we stayed within a few hours of Reykjavik the entire time so we only scratched the surface.

I flew out of JFK on a Wednesday night, making the drive after work.  It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  The traffic was tricky once I got close to the city but parking was simple and not too expensive.  I will definitely do this over taking the train/subway/airport shuttle.  I took a redeye on Icelandair.  Even though it was only a bit over a 4 hour flight, I was still set to land the next morning, early.  Once I met up with Lucas after his flight from Manchester landed, we  picked up our rental car (a cute Nissan note) and headed to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa with eerily blue water from the minerals.

Downtown Reykjavik
Downtown Reykjavik

We ordered the premium package because we knew we’d be hanging out there for the day and would want food… and an algae mask… and a beer… We also were using our travel backpacks and didn’t want to bother bringing bathrobes or towels so we needed to rent those as well.

The Blue Lagoon was great, really relaxing and fun to soak in.  The temperature varied throughout so we were able to stay comfortable.  We tried the free mud masks located in buckets around the lagoon  – they were fun but the sand got in our eyes.  Also, taking out your contacts before entering the lagoon is also a good idea.  My eyes were so irritated from the water/minerals since it was pretty breezy that I ended up having to throw the contacts I was wearing out.

Lunch at the LAVA restaurant was delicious.  Lucas had lamb and I tried langoustines and fish.  A langoustine is apparently a small lobster.  The dessert was awesome as well, and we had our first skyr experience.

We soaked further after lunch, and applied  our algae masks (which were much more comfortable than the mud masks), drank our Gull beers and headed to the Reykjavik Lights hotel.  I really liked the RFID bracelets at Blue Lagoon, which activate your lockers and allow you to pay for drinks at the pool bar.  It was convenient and easy to use.

I didn’t take any pictures of the blue lagoon since that would have probably ruined my phone / camera but here’s one of downtown Reykjavik, and another of the continental divide.

Thingvellir- The Continental Divide
Thingvellir- The Continental Divide

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