Fell Walking: Arnside Knott

Morcambe Bay from Arnside Knott
Morcambe Bay from Arnside Knott

This weekend was more low key than the last few… no trips to London or abroad, but the weather was gorgeous, and we did manage to take advantage of it.  “Fell walking” as hiking the mountains/hills known as fells is called is exceptionally beautiful in the Lake District.  We took a  day trip to Arnside Knott, one of the smaller but still scenic fells and walked to the top.  You can reach the paths to the top by parking in town and following signs for the trails and public footpaths, it is fairly well marked. (Side note: One of the great things about the UK is the public footpaths, which are generally well maintained and are considered public, even when they run through private property, allowing for access to many walks and scenic vistas)

View from Arnside Knott

View from Arnside Knott   It was a bit of a drive to get here, and my second attempt at driving here in the UK, on the left side of the road.  Driving wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but the roundabouts and the intersections are the least intuitive.  The roundabouts are intimidating because of the signage, you must know when you intend to leave the roundabout before entering and if it is an unfamiliar area, and you aren’t using satnav, that is not always easy.  Luckily all went well, and I’ll continue practicing.  I haven’t decided whether I’ll pursue a driver’s license here or not, it will depend on the job situation and how much I will need to drive/if I will need my own vehicle.

Fellwalking Arnside Nov. 2014 010
More views, but here you can see larger fells in the background

We grabbed a late lunch at the Albion after our walk, tea and sandwiches were the perfect combination, and left just in time to catch the sunset over the bay. Fellwalking Arnside Nov. 2014 015

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