A Few of my Favo(u)rite Things

So during a two week trip back to the states over the holidays, I realized I was a bit “homesick” for some things about the UK.  Strange, isn’t it how you can get used to a new life so quickly.  So, I put together a list of my favorite things about the US that I miss the most, and about life in the UK.


1. Public transport.  I love it.  I can get to the airport, London, Edinburgh or pretty much anywhere without setting foot in my car.  And it is awesome.  Being able to walk from my doorstep to an effective form of transport has never happened to me in the US.  I did live in walking distance of an Amtrak station once, but it was only helpful if you wanted to go to NY, Boston or DC, and were willing to pay a lot to do so.

2. Being able to walk everywhere.  I love that I don’t live in a huge city and yet still I can walk to my doctor’s office, a bunch of restaurants and pubs, 3 grocery stores, tea rooms, several pharmacies and a big park.

3. Cell phone plans: They are reasonably priced (about a third of the price of a typical plan in the states), you get decent service, and on the plan I have my phone even works back in the US…with free data.


1. Mexican food.  This is one of my favorite types of ethnic food, whether it comes in the form of tacos from a street vendor, an Americanized platter of too much food with refried beans and rice or even a burrito bowl from Chipotle.  I wish it was more popular in the UK!

2.  Roads.  The roads are wide, appropriately wide for two cars to drive by each other without one having to pull over, making driving much less stressful.  The motorways are fine in the UK, but some of the back roads, especially in the Lake District, YIKES.

3. Appliances:  A full sized fridge and a dryer are things I miss a lot. Nothing beats a warm fliffy towel straight from the dryer!  A towel off the line just isn’t the same!

What things do you miss about home? What have you learned to love about your new location?

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  1. Whenever I travel I miss tea bags so always take my own supply!

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    1. That’s a good idea, you never know what they will have where you’re staying!

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    2. Morag says:

      Me too! Although the USA is getting better about teabags, it’s not Liptons everywhere anymore. There may be some chance of Americans liking tea more if they try anything other than Liptons! 🙂

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      1. That’s probably true, when I got tea from the farmers market in the US and brewed it not from a bag it was so much better!


  2. Brittany says:

    I love reflections like this, I’m still in my home area so I haven’t experienced this too much yet.

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  3. Great list. I absolutely 100% concur about the lack of mexican food – craving some carnitas! I would add that I truly, truly, truly miss a sink disposal. But I do love the bread here in Denmark!

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    1. I miss my sink disposal too, but I’m mostly just glad I have a dishwasher!

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  4. I’ve gotten so used to public transport since moving to Asia (from Canada), that I even let my driver’s license expire!! Don’t know what I’ll do if I ever move back, cuz you really do need to drive to get around effectively in North America, don’t you?! 🙂

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    1. Yes, unless you live in a city you pretty much have to drive. I am hoping I don’t get too out of practice here in the UK!


  5. whymorocco says:

    The longer I live in Morocco, the fewer things I miss about Canada. But I do miss a trip to the cosmetics counters and department stores!

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    1. That is good! But you are right, there’s nothing like good shopping in your favorite stores 🙂


  6. Brother Dave says:

    I miss a nation of order; laws that are obeyed, because they are enforced.
    I miss organization, appointments kept in a timely manner and folks understand that the word “borrow” does not translate as “keep”.
    I miss grits and sausage gravy.

    I don’t miss ice and snow and slush.
    I don’t miss below freezing winds numbing my feet and hands.
    I don’t miss the materialism that drives people to lie and cheat and steal.

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    1. Cultural differences are tough. I miss sausage gravy as well! Although they can keep the cold weather back home. 🙂


  7. abcadyz says:

    Just reading through some of your old posts and I have to say, I definitely missed being able to watch soccer games at the bars in Spain, because nobody seems to care about it in Canada! The transportation thing is a big one too… Buses are really the cheapest (but slowest) option in Canada as we hardly have train routes and it’s so expensive. But when I was there I missed a dryer too… if I wanted to wear something out, I had to wash and wait… no same-day wearing! 😦

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    1. I will miss soccer too, and rugby, especially after watching the World Cup. Public transit is good and bad, good for saving money but I won’t be tooooo sad when I trade my bus pass for a car. And agreed about the dryer. Too much planning ahead, and too many times have my clothes gotten caught in the rain.


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