2015 Travel Plans

A full year of expat life stretches ahead of me…and it is quickly filling up with exciting travel plans.  Two trips back to the states (with a stop in Jamaica!) for weddings are predetermined but the rest of the year is open.  Unfortunately, since I’ll be starting work I now have to be more schedule conscious, but it also adds more budget flexibility.

London:  A trip to London to take a cooking class centered around pie making!  Supposedly we will learn the secrets of perfect crust!

York:  I’m excited to visit this historic city during the Viking festival this year.

Barcelona:  Hopefully this trip will provide a little sunlight and warmth towards the end of a rainy winter here in the north.

Amsterdam: With any luck we will see the tulips in full bloom, but either way this is a city I’ve been wanting to see for a while now.

Edinburgh: I’m running the Edinburgh Half Marathon this spring, with a few friends who are coming over from the states!  Whisky and running, now that’s a good combination.

New England: Heading back to Connecticut and New Hampshire for a wedding, and to see family and friends!

That gets me through June 2015, so who knows what the second half of the year will hold!

What are your 2015 travel plans?


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  1. When is the Viking festival ? I don’t know yet, but I think I will explore the UK a bit more


      1. I will be in Manchester this weekend… hmmm.. tempting. do you know if we have to book really in advance the ticket or if we can show up in the morning and buy a ticket ?

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      2. I haven’t booked my ticket yet, but I did get a hotel since they seem to be booking up quickly. I should probably look into the tickets again.

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  2. realplacespeoplestories says:

    Hi Amanda. Looks like you are going many interesting places in the first part of 2015! I am a really bad planner, and I usually plan my trips a few weeks before so make a list like this would be hard for me. But anyway, I just got over your page, and I am looking forward to follow your trips in 2015 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I don’t always plan ahead either but with so many places I want to go, I’m trying to get better at it!


  3. ADORE Barcelona – have a fabulous time! Visited NH/Boston last summer – amazing! On our short list for 2015 – although nothing set in stone is… Skagen, DK; London/Liverpool, UK; Normandy/Paris, FR; Hawaii, USA; Sweden, Norway and possibly Croatia or Greece. WEEEEEE!


    1. Any recommendations for Barcelona? I am so excited! Your plans sound amazing too! Hawaii is gorgeous and London is so much fun!


  4. Brittany says:

    Wanderlusting this post hardcore!

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  5. Thanks! Your west coast posts make me want to travel there again! Someday…


  6. Morag says:

    Good Luck with the half marathon, and then enjoy the whisky 🙂


    1. Thanks! I’m excited!

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