24 Hours of Food in London

This was a very short weekend break to London, but totally worth it. And really easy (thank you high speed trains!). We were there for almost exactly 24 hours and had a lot of food fun. I thought it would be a fun idea to try to stay in a different neighborhood each time we visited the city, and on our first visit we stayed on Bermondsey Street, which was pretty convenient but not the most exciting neighborhood. This time, we opted for Liverpool Street, which was much more lively. We had our choice of restaurants and bars. I did a quick search of what was good in the area, and found there was an American themed speakeasy beneath a diner only a few streets away. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is below a diner called The Breakfast Club, and for access you must ask the wait staff to “see the mayor” to be led through the refrigerator and into the basement bar. We did feel a little silly doing this, but it was a lot of fun and the cocktails were delicious! (But not cheap- around £9 or 10 each) The peanut butter cup was easily my favorite. We ordered apps as well, but those I would say are not bad but probably not worth it. It seems like most people go there only for the drinks anyway. Apparently, they run several other similar bars in London, which I would definitely be interested in checking out on another trip. .


After a trek to the Millennium Bridge and the Tate Modern (which is conveniently open till 10 on Saturdays) we headed back to Liverpool and happened upon a burger joint, Honest Burgers, where we smacked on a burger and fries. This was the first time I had been asked how I wanted my burger cooked in the UK and I was thrilled. (Everywhere else assumes very well done, and doesn’t even ask). So good!

Sunday morning we had a pie making class (the real reason for our weekend visit) booked at 11, and headed toward Islington in search of breakfast to eat beforehand. The only place that looked open (with people in it) was a tiny diner off a side street filled with locals before they headed off to work. It was good (I mean, it is hard to go wrong with sausage, bacon, toast, eggs and beans) and probably the most reasonably priced breakfast in the city at 8 pounds for both of us.

Our cooking class was focused on pie making, both sweet and savory and was hosted by Marika’s Kitchen. It isn’t easy to find a pie making class, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have come all the way to London. But it was so worth it! The kitchen facilities were gorgeous, and the class itself was a lot of fun. We made chicken, bacon and leek pie (3 smallish pies per person) and as a class made blueberry tarts. Marika was an entertaining and thorough teacher, and I am confident that I can replicate the most important part (good crust) of pie making. The class wrapped up with eating one of our pies with greens and beer/wine. If you are looking for something different to do, or if you want to learn the secrets of a good pie, this is definitely a good way to do it.


We wrapped up our trip with a wander through the Museum of London, a worthy stop as it traces the history of London from the days of nomadic people and the Bronze Age trough the modern day. And it is free! (Free ish, like all museums they request a donation). After that, we sprinted to Euston to catch our train home.

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  1. So much food ! How long did it take you to get to London ?


    1. Around 4 hours, combined driving and train, so not terrible.


      1. No so bad compared to taking the car and struggling to find a parking spot 😉


      2. No, it’s faster than driving for me anyway, and no congestion fee 🙂

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