Show your world:first impressions

This post is a part of Tiny Expats’ Show Your World event. It’s my first impressions of my new hometown in the UK while visiting on a house hunting trip this past summer. A little different than my usual writing style.

The things I first notice are that the buildings all touch and the streets and sidewalks both are uneven with cobblestones and mismatched stones and pavement. The buildings are plaster and covered in faded paint of varied colors, sometimes tinged with mold. The shopfronts crowd together unevenly, the brightly shining Tesco Express juxtapositosed with tiny tea rooms and a sewing shop. A bit of claustrophobia sets in as I realize there is no open space nor trees in sight. I marvel at the women wearing heels and rushing along without missing a step over the unpredictable roadway. The pub at the top of the street is overflowing and guests with beers have encroached on the surrounding sidewalks, chatting with friends lucky enough o have snagged a table. It is so different from the town at home I’ve grown to love, but I’ll give it a shot.



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  1. tinyexpats says:

    Thank you for participating! What a lovely description – I’ve been to a couple of small English towns and could feel that atmosphere from your post 🙂

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  2. Flav_Holman says:

    How I miss England… and the cobblestones (not with heels on though)… great post


    1. Thanks! The cobblestones are pretty to look at, not so nice for walking!

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      1. Flav_Holman says:

        I totally agree on that, the English women always amazed me walking in her high heels on Saturday nights 🙂

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