Show your World: Autumn in Connecticut

Feeling a little nostalgic and homesick this week, so for Tiny Expats show your world project, I did a quick description of my old hometown in Connecticut.  Not the one I grew up in, but the most recent hometown, where I lived the longest since I left my parents’ house.


The air is crisp enough to merit a light jacket but not painfully cold, as we walk down the Main Street toward the water. The wooden white houses with their stereotypical picket fences abut the street and the front stoops are decked with pumpkins and scarecrows. Morning sunlight casts long shadows from trees and buildings along the pavement.The leaves remain mostly on the trees, though they are now tinted red and gold, and a few have begun to litter the sidewalk, confetti like. We walk further down, past historic inns and overpriced shops selling antiques and jewelry toward the water. It’s early, so the tourists and leaf peepers aren’t out of bed yet, or maybe they had too many dark and stormys the night before. A few brave sailboats still in the river bob with the current, held fast by their moorings. The sun glints perfectly off the water as birds dive for fish with moderate success. We sit on the old public dock and sip hot drinks out of cardboard cups and watch the birds.


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  1. tinyexpats says:

    The last sentence about hot drinks and bird watching – such a cosy feeling 🙂

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  2. Thanks! Nothing better than a hot drink on a cold morning 🙂


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