Montserrat: A Day out of Barcelona

Barcelona 2015 123

Our final Barcelona adventure was a bit of an accidental find.  We had planned to do the free Sandeman’s tour from our hotel/hostel, and had a coupon that guaranteed us a spot.  I was looking forward to it, but although they’d told us no preregistration was required or recommended apparently there were too many people and we got kicked off the tour.  Hard to complain too much since it was free, but we had planned our day around it so it was a bit frustrating.  We took the metro to the TI office (the Barcelona metro is cheap and easy to navigate, definitely take advantage) and tried to find something to do.  We knew there were a few touristy peaks that were easily accessible and booked tickets to Montserrat, assuming it was relatively close to the city.  Not so, we had been thinking about Montjuic, home to the 1992 Olympic games.  Montserrat is home to religious artifacts and a monastery, as well as a museum and some breathtaking views.  The only downside is that it is a long train ride out of the city, and a rack rail ride up to the top. Because we had a 6pm flight, we couldn’t spend long on the mountain, but rack rail ride was beautiful and the hour and a half spent eating lunch and wandering the mountain was worth the effort.  Snow covered high peaks are visible to the north, and funiculars can take you higher up or to sites of religious significance.

Barcelona 2015 114If you’re looking to get out of Barcelona for the day, this makes for an excellent day trip. Rather than booking a tour, it is very easy to book the tickets yourself.  If you take the metro to the Plaça Espanya rail station, you will find ticket booths where you can purchase combination tickets for the train, rackrail, lift and funiculars.  Just be mindful of the train schedule as the trains run about once an hour.

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  1. Looks great – we were in Barcelona a couple of years ago but didn’t venture outside the city. We’re in Spain next week, flying back from Barcelona at the weekend and opted to stay at the coast in Sitges for the day before our flight. If I’d read your post beforehand I think this is where we’d have been instead!! Next time….

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    1. That’s too bad, although I’m sure the coast will be nice! Definitely worth a visit for next time though.

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  2. jetseteatrepeat says:

    Inspired writing!

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