Eating in Brussels: Beer, Chocolate and Frites

 I have friends with good taste and good blogs to thank for a lot of our adventures in Brussels.  Everyone recommended Delirium Tremens, the bar and the beer.  It is delicious, definitely my new favorite Belgian beer.  The bar?  Well, we did have an awfully fun night there, but I won’t get into that here.  😉 Aside from that, I had some Duvel, Le Chouffe and Chimay and accidentally ordered 5 samplers of beer at a bar when I meant to order a sampler of 5 beers.  Oops.  Luckily, there were other drinkers willing to relieve us of the extra samplers.

We stopped by the Cantillion Brewery on a recommendation from a friend, to learn how the old school traditional lambec beers are made.  It was interesting to see the old style beer making equipment (compared to the stainless steel modern breweries we often visit) and to see how it is aged in casks and then aged again in bottles.  The beer was definitely different than any I’d had before, and a bit sour.  The tour was interesting though (plus you get to try two beers!), and close to Midi station.

The chocolate was amazing.  Wandering from shop to shop and picking out different truffles with both delicious sounding and exotic flavors was a blast.  Luckily the semi high prices limited me from going too crazy, but especially in the Grand place, the chocolate shops are everywhere!

Waffles seemed to be hit or miss.  The stands we stopped at were definitely more touristy than for locals, but who can resist a waffle topped in Belgian chocolate and strawberries?? Not this girl.


Frites.  We tried to go on a quest to find the best ones in Brussels, but lists on the internet were inconclusive.  We attempted several in the Grand Place and Maison Antoine, which were in my undiscerning opinion all similar and good. Lucas is more picky about his potatoes and found the last frites stand we visited to be the best one. And I have to say I’m a convert, frites with mayo was the way to go. (Although I’m not a ketchup eater, never have been, so there you go).

We wanted to try a nice traditional Belgian dinner so we wandered to Sainte-Catherine’s, a less touristy square filled with restaurants and bars and chose one somewhat at random.  If you’re looking to get out of the Grand Place/restaurant row (an alleyway filled with restaurants and restauranteurs harassing you to take one of their tables), and still be around good restaurants, this seems like a good place to go. I ate delicious Carbonnade a la flamande, basically beef cooked in beer, similar to a stew.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately, stew like foods don’t photograph well so it wasn’t worth posting the photo here.  But definitely…make a point to try it.  Lucas tried a veal stew which was creamier but equally delicious.

Beer aging at Cantillion

So we definitely ate well in Belgium.  Tried any of these foods/drinks?  Which are your favorites?  (Side note: if you’ve been to Belgium, where DO you get the best frites?)     

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  1. Delirium tremens is definitively my favorite pub in the center of Brussel, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself ! Looks like you had an authentic experience 🙂

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    1. It was delicious and so much fun! Thanks for your tips, I definitely had a great time!

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  2. hmsies says:

    Delirium is an amazing bar! Glad you had a great time there 🙂 a weekend in Brussels is never a boring one!

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    1. No, definitely not! I was a little worried because of the Easter holiday but I shouldn’t have been. And yes, delirium is amazing!

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  3. I am drooling just thinking about all this deliciousness! Kriek is my favourite beer, I could drink it by the gallon. Had the same experience with waffles – a bit hit and miss but our son is not fussy and devoured them by the day. Delirium Tremens sounds like one to keep in mind for our next Brussels trip.

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    1. Haha it was so good! Kriek was good but I’m not as big of a fan of fruity beers. Definitely try out Delirium if you get the chance, they have tons of beers but I think their namesake is the best!

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  4. So many good stuff to eat in this country. i’d def be weighting a few more pounds living there !

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    1. Ha! Yes , but I felt less guilty since we walked around so much, I have my Fitbit to thank for justifying those extra beers 🙂


  5. Belgium definitely has some good food. I should probably also thank the high chocolate prices otherwise I’d have never left!

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    1. So true! As it was I brought a decent amount of chocolate home with me 🙂

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  6. I love Delirium Tremens but it’s a bit strong for a session – gives me the DTs! I’ve not been to the Delirium bar so would love to return to Brussels one day to go there (I don’t think it existed when I went last in 2003). Shame you don’t like fruity beers, as Delirium Red is even nicer!

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    1. I tried the Delirium Red as well, and it’s good! I just tend to not prefer the fruity ones. Yes, I definitely recommend the bar as a fun place, they have such a variety of beer! And agreed about Delirium being a bit strong for a session, especially after I’ve gotten used to the weaker British cask ales!


  7. Girl Gone Expat says:

    Beer and chocolate, can’t get any better! Have not tried Delirium Tremens so have to make sure I try it since it come highly recommended. Lots of good beer in Belgium, but I do find some of them (like Duvel) a bit too strong.

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    1. Delirium Tremens is on the stronger side, but still really good. And I agree, it doesn’t get much better than beer and chocolate (and waffles!)

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  8. estelea says:

    Lucky you! In Belgium, you can taste a new beer each day, what a country! But most of all, you have so many varieties of Cote d’Or, my fav chocolate E-VER 😛

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    1. Yes! New types of beer and chocolate every day! It’s a dangerous thing haha. And I’m not sure I could choose a favorite, they’re all so good.


      1. estelea says:

        And impossible to find in Asia so far 😛 Enjoy!!!


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