Almost summer!

I’ve started running in short sleeves. And the sun is finally out and warm ish on a regular basis! Everyone tells me to keep my expectations for a British Summer low, but when it’s nice out, it has been really nice. It’s light out until almost 9, and the days are still getting longer. I ate ice cream on the beach over the weekend.   My expectations are staying high. 🙂

We’ve got visitors and trips to look forward to over the next few months, Amsterdam, Wales, Edinburgh and (most recently booked) Munich! Still trying to work out another long weekend or two for the summer. Somewhere we can enjoy the summer weather without being mobbed by everyone else doing the same thing. Half the problem is that there are so many options trying to choose gets overwhelming.

I’m excited to travel back to America in June as well! Seeing friends get married, and partying it up at the wedding are things I’m definitely looking forward to. This is the longest I’ve ever been out of the U.S. (6 months since I last went home in dec/jan) so I’m hoping it will be a bit refreshing. And warm!  I’ll definitely be eating some burritos and drinking some IPAs as well.

I’ve started looking into a drivers license in the UK. The jury is still out on whether it’s worth the hassle, as some people say your year of using your US license refreshes every time you get a new entry stamp. Any insight into this? I’m trying to avoid drivers ed if at all possible haha. I took it about 10 years ago the first time around and it’s not something I’d like to repeat.

Aside from that, I’m looking forward to a summer of long days, long walks and runs and lots of beers out on the patio! We just bought a grill and are working on a bit of “landscaping” (planting flowers in pots and pulling weeds from between patio stones).

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

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  1. The last couple of British summers have been (mostly) amazing – that’s the key here, you just never know!!

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  2. Everyone keeps saying the summers aren’t great, so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised!


  3. I look forward going to Scotland, wales for a wedding, going to London to meet with a friend, graduation party of my boyfriend and many more things! ! I can’t wait !!

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    1. Sounds like a lot of exciting plans! 😀 Scotland and Wales should be so nice in the summer as well! Where in Scotland?


      1. EVERYWHERE 😀 I’m going to do a road trip, driving from Leeds to the Trossachs, and doing the clock-wise tour of the Highlands, finishing by Edinburgh.

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      2. That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see pictures! That’s a road trip I really want to do while we’re here.

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  4. Last summer in England was great so you might end up lucky. Just make sure to take full advantage of the warm sunny days as they have a tendency to disappear in an instant!

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    1. True! The upside to that is that the bad weather never seems to last too long either. But I definitely plan to make the most of them!


  5. Into the mild says:

    I’m a bit jealous, I haven’t had a proper summer since 2013…
    When weather allows though nothing beats just being able to expire due hours in shorts and sandals without getting uncomfortable

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    1. Where are you that has no proper summer? I’m definitely looking forward to shorts and sandals though!


      1. Into the mild says:

        No one place, but I went to South America at the beginning of last June, then up to Oregon and the Middle East before their Summer started, and now back in South America as their Fall is coming to a close. I’m not trying to ditch summer, this is just how things have worked out.

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      2. Ah that’s unfortunate that you keep missing it, but sounds like you are getting a lot of travel in at least!


  6. chadboehne says:

    Sounds nice there. It was 10 degrees and rainy all day here today. We’re hoping for that great UK summer to come as well.

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    1. Well it’s hailing here now, it’s so inconsistent!. But hopefully it will be warm where you are as well this summer!


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