Bruges at Easter

Belgium 2015 047

Bruges is a beautiful city. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so because on our day trip there on Easter, it was mobbed! We showed up on the train from Brussels (read about the rest of our Belgium trip here) to closed streets, helicopters overhead, and mobs of people crowding the streets. A parade? We wondered, but it eventually became clear. A bike race, the tour de Flanders.

Belgium 2015 026

When the crowds cleared a bit, we headed toward the Markt and what an impressive square it is! The buildings are beautiful and there is no shortage of options for enjoying a beer or plate of mussels in the sun.

A canal boat ride is a must in Bruges, they were fairly reasonably priced and offered a different view of the city from the water.   Yes, you are packed into a boat with about 40 other tourists, but everyone gets a reasonably good view, and the guides point out buildings you might not be able to recognize yourself.

We wandered along the canals out to some windmills just outside of town.  It was a bit of a walk but a pleasant one along the canal with stepped roofs and gorgeous weather.

Belgium 2015 052

We came back to the town center, and enjoyed a few beers out on an outdoor patio.  One thing I definitely appreciate about Europe is the willingness to eat and drink al fresco even when the weather isn’t really warm.  At least in New England, one wouldn’t eat outside until it is definitively summer, here, the sun comes out and its time to have a beer on the patio!

Due to the holiday, most of the attractions were closed, so we explored the chocolate shops and cobbled streets.  Its a very photogenic city.  We wandered through the flea market along the river and ate waffles.  Overall, it was a very relaxing day basking in the beautiful city of Bruges.  I would love to make it back some day (when more things are open), we definitely enjoyed our day there.

Logistically, it is really easy to get to from Brussels, just an hour on a train that you catch at Midi/Zuid Station, and trains run pretty regularly between the two, so if you are in Brussels, its definitely worth the trip.

Have you visited Bruges?  What did you enjoy most? Belgium 2015 033 Belgium 2015 045

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  1. I love Bruges too – especially the fact you can see the whole city on foot, and the old fashioned bars (T Brugs Beertjes was our favourite).

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    1. Being able to walk everywhere is great, and makes it pleasant to see the whole city in a day. And the I agree that the old fashioned bars were awesome, especially those with outdoor seating!


  2. perfectbeers says:

    Bruges is a gem- I can hardly think of anywhere else so unspoilt and architecturally consistent- Bath, maybe?


  3. Lucy says:

    Lovely city! All the historical buildings and water canals gives it such a nice atmosphere! I’m happy to know you had a great time there. It’s definitely worth a visit 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

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    1. They do! It is lovely to wander around and get lost in the cobbled streets. Hope you have a beautiful day as well!

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  4. We based ourselves in Bruges for a week and loved it – did travel around as well though. Saw those windmills too – we hired bikes and cycled past them to the next little town along the canal – that was a fab day out.

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    1. Cycling to the next town definitely would have been on the list if we had more than a day! Bruges seems like a great place to use as a base, so many adorable hotels and restaurants!

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  5. I loved Bruges, I’d definitely recommend going back again when everything is open. A trip up the Belfry Tower is a must…the views are stunning! I visited in winter and there were cute Christmas markets and a ice skating rink in the middle of the Markt…felt like a fairytale!


    1. A winter visit sounds like a great idea, and I love Christmas markets! Great excuse for another trip 🙂

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  6. nikirath says:

    I visited Bruges recently and feel the same way. Lovely city 🙂


    1. Yes it is, I loved the architecture and the canals!


  7. Girl Gone Expat says:

    I love cities with canals:) And the wind mill is very cute. I have seen them a lot in Netherlands:) FYI – it was a Norwegian winner of Tour de Flanders this year (Alexander Kristoff) 🙂

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    1. I love canals as well, and can’t wait to see how the ones in Amsterdam compare! Maybe we saw him then, because we saw the first cyclists go by!

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  8. thegreyeye says:

    I have nominated you for ” The versatile blogger award” … Check my post about it 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the award! 😀


  9. Have you ever seen the film “In Bruges”? My girlfriend and I walked around Bruges and quoted lines from the film the entire time 😀

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    1. No I haven’t, but I’ll look into it! It’s a great city to make a movie in though, so picturesque.


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