My Travel Emergency Kit (and why you should have one too!)

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Since I’ve been traveling internationally about once a month since moving overseas, learning the hard way has taught me to prepare for the worst. I recommend that everyone put a mini emergency kit together to leave in their carry on bag for all travels. Here’s what I’ve included so far:

Headache medicine. I won’t get into how far my headache medicine from other countries collection extends, but it sucks to wake up with a hangover or sick and have to navigate yourself to a pharmacy in an unfamiliar place and hope they have what you are looking for.  Cough drops aren’t a bad idea either.

Face wipes and single use tooth brushes. The best things after a long flight to help you feel human again! And there was the time our hotel in Belgium lost its water supply for a whole day and these things saved us.

Spare soap/shampoo/conditioner. In case the hotel doesn’t have any!  You never know.

A pack able towel. Same reason as above.

A spare pen. Mostly for when I forget to bring one to fill out my UK landing card, but it comes in handy at other times as well.

A bottle opener. Because I’m not as skilled as the guy I saw on the train who could open bottles with a safety pin.

Hand sanitizer  Because public toilets are sometimes a necessity.  And sometimes really disgusting.

Any suggestions for additions? What won’t you travel without?

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  1. K says:

    Also, I’d never travel without a spare pair of clothes. My luggages has been lost 4x during my 9 months travelling in Europe — it’s great to have!

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    1. I try to only bring a carry on (for anything less than a week)to avoid the lost luggage problem but a spare pair of clothes is definitely a carry on must!


  2. Agree with the spare clothes! But if space is an issue, I at least bring extra underwear!

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    1. Yes, extra underwear is a must!

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  3. Hmm I would say plasters and tissues 🙂

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    1. Good idea, tissues are always handy and plasters are a good part of every first aid kit.

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  4. I have a little first aid kit I bring religiously on every trip (probably only ever opened it about once in 12 years). This last weekend we went to Wales, I didn’t bring it and our son got sick! Typical….

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    1. That’s too bad, hopefully you were still able to enjoy the trip. I came down with a cold this past weekend on a trip to Amsterdam, and luckily pharmacies were readily available but they aren’t everywhere so from now on I’ll try to be prepared

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  5. angharadeyre says:

    For overnight, connecting flights definitely tissues, face wipes, disposable toothbrush and fresh underwear. Made me feel human again despite the lack of sleep.

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    1. Yes definitely helps with feeling better! Some airlines give out disposable toothbrushes on long haul flights, always very appreciated!

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  6. estelea says:

    band aid, rescue remedy and arnica .. I am traveling with 2 toddlers 🙂 !

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    1. All good ideas (even for traveling without toddlers!) 🙂

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