Weekend wandering: Bowfell

  This past weekend brought us to the Langdale Valley and up a large fell for amazing views of the Langdale Pikes and the valley below. This was training for our upcoming hike of Snowden. It was beautiful at the top but so incredibly windy we couldn’t stay for long! 

Afterward, we did a quick drive to Coniston for tea and cakes and a couple pints of Bluebird Bitter!


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  1. jamesmichaelforrest says:

    I do love Bowfell – it’s a great mountain. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed them! It was a great walk, if a bit windy!


  2. curt edge says:

    Great shots, keep up the wonderful work.

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  3. angharadeyre says:

    Do you know yet which route up Snowdon you’re taking?

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    1. We ended up taking the Ranger Route as it was supposed to be scenic and not too difficult. It definitely lived up to both of those! What route do you recommend?


      1. angharadeyre says:

        I was going to recommend just that route! It’s by far the most scenic and enjoyable walk in my opinion – the route that follows the train is just a slog.

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      2. I really enjoyed it, glad to know you did as well!


  4. Still undecided, thinking that Ranger may be best, any thoughts?


  5. My bf and I hiked Snowdon a few summers ago – the views from the top are totally worth it!

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    1. Agreed! We did it this past weekend and it was fantastic. Which route did you use?

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      1. Sounds fun! We chose the Llanberis Path because we wanted to take photos of the views and the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Even though it’s the easiest incline, we were still tuckered out and the end of the day!

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      2. It does make for quite a long day! And it was fun (but a bit discouraging) to see the railway running all the way up!


  6. Josie says:

    Gorgeous photos!

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