North Wales: Caernarfon 


 We used the town of Caernarfon as our home base while exploring the hikes and castles of northern Wales. Because it was over the bank holiday, places booked up quickly and we ended up at the Premier Inn. It was reasonably priced and convenient to walk into town. I wouldn’t recommend the breakfast as it is overpriced and not great, unless you have children, who eat free making it a far better deal. There were not a lot of breakfast options in town, and the best bet may be getting your own supplies from the large Morrisons. 


The pubs and nightlife of Caernarfon were a lot of fun! The Anglesey is right on the water and had live music and a rowdy but fun crowd. We enjoyed a local brewery and wandering through the pubs within the walled city. An old market hall has been recently converted to a brewery and that was a fun stop. We found good pub food and breakfasts in and around the walled city as well. 



We visited the castle while we were there, and it is conveniently located in walking distance of the walled city. The castle is not in great condition but it is interesting to walk around and read about. I would say expect to spend one to three hours there, as there are not a lot of exhibits but there is a military museum that has some interesting information. It is one of the castles built by Edward I to secure power in Wales. If you plan to visit more than one castle, consider the CADW membership or pass, since it can save you money. We are Historic Scotland members (the Scottish equivalent) so we get half off admission there. 

What is your favorite castle?

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  1. thegreyeye says:

    wow, it is gorgeous

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    1. Thanks! The weather wasn’t great so the photos don’t do it justice but it was beautiful!

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  2. The castle looks so cool! Are there any guides around the castle?

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    1. There are guided tours, but they only happen in the afternoon so we unfortunately missed them. There are informative displays and castle employees to talk to as well.


  3. I loved this castle when I visited in 2012! I thought the guided tour was totally worth it – it was so cool learning about day-to-day Medieval life within the walls.

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    1. We missed the guided tour, and I really wish we hadn’t. It was a great castle though!


  4. Josie says:

    This looks awesome. The only castle I have been to was in Prague.

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    1. Thanks! I bet that was beautiful as well, and probably quite a bit different.

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  5. Trish says:

    What a beautiful place. I am adding this to the long list of beautiful places to visit when we make our way out to see you!

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    1. Can’t wait to take you on a tour of all our favorite places and castles! Hopefully it won’t rain when you come because this castle doesn’t really have a roof.


  6. Loved north Wales and the castles. We were there last summer.

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    1. I loved it too, so many castles to explore!

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