Weekend wandering: Peak District National Park

A work sponsored weekend of walking and bonding in a youth hostel brought me to the Peak District national park a few weeks ago. The name is a bit deceiving as the “peaks” are quite a bit smaller than those in the Lake District (also a deceiving name since according to locals, it has only one true lake). Still, the rock formations were intriguing, walking along the ridge line of the peaks offered fantastic views and the pubs had plenty of ale. The only downside was that our hostel was about two miles from the nearest pub, so after our 12 mile walk up Kinder Scout and the surrounding area, it was sad to know we had another two miles to go after dinner. (They told us we could get a taxi… In two days). The walk itself was great, not too strenuous and ended with ice cream, always a plus.  I would recommend staying in Castleton or Hope rather than Edale, as there is more to do and food and drink are more readily accessible without a car.

The perks of the park are that it offers beautiful and unique scenery but is also not far from major cities. 

 I’d like to go back for some more walking, and maybe some of the caverns.    
 Have you been to the Peak District? 

What is your favorite national park?


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