Oslo: Vikings and Old Architecture

Our 4 day whirlwind tour of Norway started off with an extremely cheap Ryanair flight to Oslo, where we caught the airport shuttle to the bus station and walked the .8 miles the rest of the way to our hotel.  Due to a late night getting in, we didn’t get the earliest start on Thursday morning, but enjoyed the breakfast feast at the hotel (even ate fish for breakfast for the first time!) and headed to the docks to catch the  Bygdøyfergene  boat to the Viking ship museum. Its a beautiful harbor cruise that lets you see the skyline from the water, and is a convenient way to visit the museums.

Norway 2015 003

If you have any interest in Viking history, this Viking Ship museum is fascinating. Three full sized burial ships were found preserved in clay and were excavated and put in the museum with lots of artifacts. It is amazing that the intricate carvings on the boats are still in tact, and that so many things were recovered.  Unfortunately, due to the preservation methods used when the ships were found, they are currently rotting from the inside out, and may not be around much longer. (Ironic, since for hundreds of years they remained in perfect condition in the clay underground).

Norway 2015 026

(Expect to spend an hour or two here, there is enough to keep you occupied for that long, and an audio guide that you can get for free by scanning QR codes!)  Adults entry is 80 NOK.

Afterward, we headed to the nearby Norsk Folk Museum, an outdoor collection of buildings from all over the area that were transported and re built there.  It was interesting to learn a bit about the history (although there isn’t a whole lot of information with all of the buildings, which was a bit disappointing) while seeing lots of cool old buildings and wandering around outside.  The highlight is a beautiful stave church.  We learned the reasoning behind Norway’s high alcohol prices (to lower the rates of alcoholism) and about life on a farm or small town.  There are exhibits in some of the buildings showcasing Norwegian interior design as well.

Norway 2015 048

Norway 2015 059

Norway 2015 056

You could easily spend an entire afternoon here, but we only had a few hours.  Adult entry: 120 NOK, Children over 6: 40.  There are also family discounts.

This was a great morning in Oslo, and I would highly recommend both of these activities for adults and children.

Have you been to Oslo or do you want to go?  If so what did you like best or what are you looking forward to most?

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  1. Great pics! Did I miss any other Norway posts of yours? We didn’t hit the Folke Museum while in Oslo – couldn’t grab my kids interest – but my parents loved it and I really wanted to see that Stave church. We all loved the museum ferry – so charming and fun to be out on the water. We also loved the funky little Kon Tiki museum and the Fram museum – small, packed and interesting if you’re into ship explorers other than Vikings!

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    1. Thanks! This is the first of several! The stave church was beautiful, definitely the best part of the museum. I wish we’d had time for the Kon Tiki museum, it sounded really interesting!

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  2. I went to Oslo years ago as a (very) penniless student, spent a weekend there and think I survived on a Mars bar. I loved it though and would definitely go back, perhaps with a little more comfort this time. I think I went to the Viking Ship Museum, sounds like we need to think about going back if those ships aren’t going to be around too much longer!!

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    1. Haha with the prices of food and beer I felt like a student looking for deals. The Viking museum was great though, I couldn’t believe how well the intricate carvings had survived! It’s really sad that they’re decaying, but the museum has exhibits on how they are trying to save them anyway.

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  3. EmelyeKay says:

    Olso is definitely on my short list, looks like it is really interesting! I hope I can make it there before the ships disappear 😛

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    1. Definitely an interesting city, with a fascinating history and beautiful buildings old and new. They are doing research on how to try to save the ships so there is hope!

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  4. I would LOVE to visit the viking ship museum. I love viking and I enjoy myself in Stockholm, immensely, so I’m sure I would love Oslo. How cheap are we talking about for the flight ? I’m still looking for some little getaways for later this year 😉

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    1. I believe the flights were about £40 one way from Manchester so not bad! We flew home from Bergen, so that was a bit more. I’ve just booked a trip to Stockholm for next spring, and I can’t wait!


  5. Lucy says:

    The viking ship museum sounds wonderful! I’d love to see it. Great pictures!

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    1. Thanks, it was really interesting, definitely a unique museum to visit!

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  6. Inger says:

    I have been to Norsk Folk Museum, but not the Viking Ship Museum yet. The stave church is beautiful – love the architecture of it:)

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    1. I loved it too, so much detail! The Viking ship museum is definitely worth seeing, it’s incredible how well preserved everything is.

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  7. Alejandra says:

    I loved the viking ship museum!! If you are still in Oslo, you might want to check out the islands nearby. You can go there by ferry simply by using your transport card. They are incredible!

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    1. They looked beautiful from the ferry! We definitely should have spent more than 24 hours in Oslo, but now I have lots of reasons to go back! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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  8. Faye C Smith says:

    Looks fantastic considering this for our adventures next year

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    1. Oslo was such a fun city and full of things to do, hope you make it there!


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