It has been an insanely busy last month and a half, with visiting friends, and trips to Wales, Scotland, Norway and the U.S for me, and also to Luxembourg and Germany for Lucas.  I’ve been traveling to Leeds, Hull and Liverpool for work, which is interesting but exhausting. The next few weekends are primarily at home, with a few day/weekend trips planned and a bit of relaxing. We’ve been toying with the idea of a day trip to Blackpool because it’s supposed to be unique and loveable despite the tackiness. We want to see for ourselves. 🙂

Also coming up is a weekend exploring Hadrians wall and learning about the roman influence in the north. The plan is to take it (fairly) easy so it is still a relaxing weekend. We may also attempt a trip to the Cotswolds but that remains to be seen. 

We also booked our Baltic cruise that visits Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Talinn, Riga, and st Petersburg. I am extremely excited!! We aren’t big cruisers, but it’s a good way to see a lot of places (and not get a Russian visa). It’s a year away, but I still can’t wait. I’m excited for the architecture and the whirlwind trip through so many cultures. I’m trying to see it as a tasting dinner, with the chance to possibly come back for more of what we like best!

Currently trying to sort out visits from friends and family, the super cheap wow air flights from Boston are inspiring a lot of our friends. Exciting stuff! We’re trying to convince them to combine their visits with trips to places we haven’t yet been to maximize the travel and fun. 

I’ve been at my job for over 6 months now, which means I’m a full employee! I’m enjoying it a lot and have fully converted to the metric system. Well mostly. But building design is interesting and I am loving the project management aspects of it as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to see some of my buildings go up while I’m still here!

Half marathon training is in full swing and I can’t decide if I want to do a third one for the year in November… We shall see. This will be my first trail half marathon, and I’m a bit nervous since I’ve never done anything like it. Definitely won’t be a pr!

The biggest stressor in my life currently is not knowing whether our stay here will be extended past the end of next summer. It makes it hard to plan trips and to plan mentally for another job / friend search after working so hard to find work and meet new people here. I suppose that’s every expats dilemma. 

That’s it for life updates and rambling! (Except that I might be getting a car! But more on that later. ) More Norway posts coming soon, we’ve got our pictures sorted out finally! 

How far ahead do you plan life/travel? Expat life complicates things, but has made me a better planner! 

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  1. I love to plan the next holiday as soon as we get back from the current one!! That’s not to mention the day trips and weekends. Love the sound of your Baltic cruise – never done cruising but like you say a great way to see a lot of places. My in-laws did this type of cruise a year or so ago and raved about it, especially St Petersburg.

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    1. Haha it’s good to always have something to look forward to! I’ve only been on a cruise once (for spring break so I imagine this will be a bit tamer) but it seemed like an efficient way to see a lot of places!

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  2. angharadeyre says:

    I’m jealous of your plans! Our planning at the moment looks like this: if we find out by the end of August that we have the visa and can stay longer, we spring into action and arrange our trip back to the UK in September to go and get it; if we find out by the end of August we don’t have the visa, we spring into action to arrange the move home and take an epic road trip to take us up to the end of our grace period in the middle of October. Beyond September/October we just don’t feel we can plan.

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    1. Sounds like you’ve got an interesting few months ahead either way! I’ll be in the same position in the summer / fall of next year and I’m not looking forward to all the unknowns.

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  3. Great plans you have! I am sure you will enjoy the Baltic cruise, all the cities you listed are very interesting!

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    1. Thanks! I really hope so! It’s almost a year away, but I’m still really excited!


      1. I am actually going to write posts about Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg shortly, so hopefully you will find them useful for your visits during the cruise 🙂

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  4. Thanks, great posts! I will definitely be referencing them when we get more into planning!


  5. Another great blog post Amanda. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Building design eh?… Welcome to my world!.. Just ‘sketching’ on Revit as I write this. Interesting comment on the the metric system… I still seem to use both; for design I use metric, for site discussions it seems to be a mix of both metric and imperial, although since I started school in very early 1970’s I was taught the metric system (and measurement in centimetres for some odd reason :>/ ) I find metric is way easier to calculate volumes and thermal properties with – God help me if I had to do that with imperial. When I built my own house, I found it amusing in the builders merchants (lumber yard??) when builders were asking for 30 mtrs of 2″x4″ – a mix of both systems at use there.

    Blackpool !!!… Oh, Jeez! Awful, tacky place.. some great buildings, but a true down at heel British seaside resort. Maybe I’m being unkind as I live about 40 minutes drive away and in my youth went too many times to be counted and have maybe become snobbish about its charms. Try it, and have fish and chips whilst walking along the ‘prom’, and go up the tower too – but don’t expect culture and sophistication!


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    1. In the U.S. we generally use SI for physics and chemistry and imperial for civil engineering so I am familiar with both. I will admit conversions are easier in SI.

      And I’ve heard so many passionate opinions about Blackpool I have to go! (Although I think I’m going to wait for the illuminations. )


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