Oslo: an afternoon of the free things 

After a morning of museums in Oslo (discussed in a previous Blog Post) and a rather pricey lunch at a cafe, Lucas and I headed to Vigeland Park. The park contains over 200 statues by Gustav Vigeland, all of people in various positions.  The Monolith is probably the most famous piece (or at least the one I’d heard most about prior to visiting).  Visiting the park is free, there is also a museum which we did not visit.  After admiring all the expressive statues and resting in the park, we headed down to the waterfront.

Norway 2015 088Norway 2015 086Norway 2015 077

We wandered by the docks and the fortress and saw the city hall (where the Nobel Prize is given out).  We watched an escape artist undo a straight jacket, then caught a tram to the opera house.

The Oslo Opera house is a fantastic piece of architecture from the outside and inside.  You can even walk on the roof, which gives great views of the harbor.  The inside is beautiful as well, and it is free to get into the lobby as long as there isn’t a performance going on.

Norway 2015 104Norway 2015 107Norway 2015 106Norway 2015 110Norway 2015 122

After the opera house, we bought some burritos from a food truck on the water, and watched some street performers dance inside hula hoops (really wish I’d gotten it on video).  Great view and actually reasonably priced dinner.  We grabbed some beers at a waterfront bar and nursed them while enjoying the great view of the harbor (beers were roughly 11 USD so we didn’t have many).  Overall, it was a great and not wildly expensive finish to the day.

Should we have bought the Oslo pass?  Probably.  We calculated out our entire day of adventures, and since it includes the boat to the Viking ship museum, admission to most of the museums in the city and free public transit it probably would have paid off.  Any tram or bus ride purchased individually is about 5 USD, so it added up quickly (and we ended up walking a lot).

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  1. Alejandra says:

    Oslo is indeed a pricy city, but it does have many free sights and if you like nature, you can go to Sognsvann and hike some trails 🙂

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    1. I wish we’d been able to do that! If I go back I’ll definitely look into some hiking! It’s a good thing the free sights balance out the cost of food and drink!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alejandra says:

        There is one hike, Vettakollen, where you get a view of the whole city (far better than Holmenkollen), so, something to keep in mind if you’re back 😉 I lived in Oslo for 6 months and I ate out only a few times, it’s insanely expensive!!

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      2. I’ll have to check it out! We tried to avoid eating out as much as possible. Definitely can blow the budget that way!


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