Cacti and Saplings


Though she’s not quite an expat, my sister has recently transplanted from New England to the wild west of Montana, a new landscape and a new life with a bit of culture shock. She made the cross country drive alone in her trusty Corolla, and is blogging about the ups and downs of navigating a new home (and the mountains!) and being on her own for the first time. Oh, and it is hilarious. Check out her blog here!.

Paradise Valley Foreigner

Do you know what soil is one of the most difficult to grow in? Sandy desert soil*. And despite the fact that Montana has thousands of acres of lush plant-able farmland, the plain truth is that in the southwestern corner of the state where I happen to live now, desert-like attributes make up a vast majority of the landscape. (On a side note, the word vast is penultimate in describing pretty much anything out West- Everything is vast.) Many of the forbs along the side of the road and lining almost every hiking trail at some point or another include sagebrush, and though I have yet to see any, I firmly believe there are cacti lurking around. Its dry, its hot, and by August most everything that was green is now brown, with the exception of the aspens and lodge pole pines. And of course the sagebrush. What I’m trying…

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