The Best of the US: Food Edition

With our upcoming travel to the US, we’ve made a list of our favorite restaurants and bars and a long list of foods we need to eat because either we can’t get them in the UK or they aren’t the same!  It’s an ambitious list to take on in a few weeks, but I think I’m up to the challenge.  Here’s a brief summary.


I’m not talking “anything on a grill”, the way the term BBQ is used here.  I mean ribs and pulled pork and vinegary Carolina sauce and dry rub.  I’m talking waking up at 6 am and putting said ribs in the smoker so they roast all day to perfection. Oh and a bit of dirty rice.


We have had success making it ourselves here, but nothing beats the New Haven style thin crust pizza that continually makes the list for best pizza in America.  Pizza you have to fold in half to stop the cheese from sliding off, and attempt to resist eating it when it comes out of the brick oven so you don’t burn the top of your mouth off.  That’s pizza.  (Chicago style is also acceptable).

Mexican Food/Tex Mex

Whether it comes from Chipotle or the tiny authentic taco stand that only serves tacos flavored by cilantro and lime, I’ll eat it all.  This is one of the things I miss the most about America, and I can’t wait to eat it as much as possible.

Craft Beer

The craft beer movement in the US is much different than the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ales) in the UK.  Yes, they both involve microbreweries, but I so miss the hops and carbonation of a good IPA.  And pumpkin beer.  I cannot wait.  With visits to Vermont and New Hampshire during our trip home, I’m sure this won’t be a problem.  (I’m looking at you Shipyard Pumpkin!)


Especially iced.  I’m attempting to make my own cold brew, but it’s not the same as pulling up to the Dunkin Donuts Drive through and ordering a medium iced coffee to receive a massive cup of cold, bitter goodness.  That doesn’t taste like espresso.  Americanos just aren’t the same.

What are your favorite American foods?  Or if you’re an expat, what do you look forward to eating when going “home”?

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  1. Last year on my trip home to America, I had the flu, and I was SO disappointed–not necessarily because I couldn’t do things, but because I had planned to stuff myself with all the food I missed and I just wasn’t hungry. Priorities! Completely agree on the Mexican food—proper tacos, enchiladas, nachos…I miss it all!

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    1. That’s devastating! 😦 being sick on vacation is the worst. I’m so excited for tacos, with actual cheddar cheese!


  2. Trish Jenkins says:

    We will take care of rib fest! And how is the ice cream over there?

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    1. Can’t wait for rib fest!! Ice cream is actually pretty good! Different flavors though. It’s the milkshakes that are pretty sad. 😦


  3. Paula says:

    I have a great pico de gio recipe if you want

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    1. Yes! If you want to email it to me that would be great! Thanks 🙂


  4. angharadeyre says:

    I love American food. I’m not sure I can go back to UK food…

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    1. There’s so much more variety in the U.S.! I think that’s what I miss most. But the UK does have some good food that I know I’ll miss.


      1. angharadeyre says:

        Of course, I used to live in London, so variety is something I’m rather used to. In fact, the international food in London is quite a bit better and more varied than in DC. But if you’re not based in London then I guess it can get a little boring.

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      2. Yes, there isn’t much variety in Cumbria, but we definitely try to make the most of it when visiting other cities, especially London!


  5. Well, this is a loaded question because our blog is somewhat dedicated to American food and travel! 😉 haha but we LOVE a good burger and some perfect tex mex. I’m more of a tex mex fan than my husband. I could eat it everyday! 🙂

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    1. Burgers should have made the list! I definitely have a few places in mind to get one. I could also eat Tex Mex every day! So good!


  6. I can’t get Shipyard Pumpkin, and that makes me one sad Montanan. No other Pumpkin beer compares, except maybe Southern Tier, which I also can’t get. #westernwoes

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    1. You need to tell big sky brewing to get on that. Actually the curious traveler makes a pretty good one too, that may be more widely distributed. None here though 😦


  7. There are a lot of food trucks around these days that have some pretty interesting food. They used to be cheap and now that they are trendy they are more expensive but still interesting and fun.

    There is also a lot of fun fusion food where they blend two types of food together. For example Mexican and Korean food.

    We are very lucky to have so much variety. I just wish it was fresher and less processed.

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    1. The fusion sounds awesome! It’s true the food here is less processed which I definitely appreciate, but I miss things like food trucks. I may have to visit my favorite cupcake truck while I’m home now that I think of it…

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      1. Cupcake truck!? Awesome.


  8. Victoria says:

    I like me a good solid hamburger, and not from McDonalds. ^_^

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    1. Yes… That should have been on the list! I will definitely be visiting my favorite gourmet burger joints!


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