Back from Holiday

I’ve been posting a bit irregularly the past few weeks, mostly because I was visiting home in New England and spending a week in Jamaica for a friend’s wedding. I wanted the trip to involve a bit of unplugging as well, so I’ve slacked a little on the blogging. As of this morning, I’m back at work in the UK and catching up on everything from emails to housework. The almost 24 hours of travel from Ocho Rios to the Lake District was long, and it is quite a bit chillier here. 

This is the longest holiday I’ve ever taken and I love that two weeks off is the norm here at least once a year. 

On another note, while I was in the US, Lucas and I got engaged! We’re really excited but a bit nervous about how the wedding planning process will go when our future plans are so uncertain, and we’ll likely be making plans from across the pond. 

In the next few weeks expect posts on our trip back to America, visit to Jamaica and thoughts on our first stays at all inclusive resorts. 



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