Packing for a Caribbean Holiday : Lessons Learned

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone attempt to pack for the vacation we just returned from in an hour like I did. Things will get forgotten, or not thought of. Almost 3 weeks away on holiday, divided between two very different climates, New England autumn and tropical Jamaica (Read about our first All inclusive holiday here!). Based on what I remembered and forgot, here’s a packing list for any Caribbean (or generally beachy) holiday. 

A swimsuit and sunglasses. Obvious really, but don’t forget or you will be splurging at the resort. 

The same goes for sunscreen. What costs you a few dollars at the local pharmacy was selling for almost 30 dollars at our all inclusive in Jamaica. Ouch. 

Sandals. You can go barefoot but most restaurants require shoes. I brought dressier sandals but wished I’d also packed a pair of flip flops for the beach. They don’t take up much room and would be worth it. 

Hangover remedies. Don’t forget your ibuprofen or Tylenol. Seriously, it’s not fun to waste your holiday nursing a headache. 

One thing I really wish I’d brought is a beach cover up. I threw on shirts and shorts but really I should have invested in a cute one I could throw on for lunch without having to get fully dressed. 

Evening attire. This isn’t necessarily an obvious one, but several of the restaurants at Sandals wouldn’t allow diners in who were wearing shorts or non collared shirts. (Or equivalently dressy outfits for women).  Keep this in mind, and check out the dress code for the places you wish to dine at. 

Optional: a hat. I think the huge beach hat I bought in clearance totally ended up being worth it since it kept my face shaded and out of direct sunlight. 

You likely won’t need towels at a resort, but a good idea is to pack a carry on with sunscreen and towels, as your luggage may take a while to reach your room. That way you can head straight to the beach!

Have I forgotten anything? What are your beach trip must haves?

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  1. EmelyeKay says:

    I was able to find a teeny tiny bottle of bug spray at a pharmacy near my home that came in super handy during our island trip! The small size was key because being at an all-inclusive, I wasn’t dragging a purse around with me the whole day. I slipped it into my pocket and was able to keep the bugs at bay during our balmy evenings and nights by the water!

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    1. That’s a good find! I probably should have brought something like that as well, although the bugs weren’t too bad. Next time.

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  2. datatater says:

    Books books books! Also READING GLASSES! Learned THAT one the hard way.

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    1. Yes! Nothing better than lounging on the beach with a good book!


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