How to Enjoy the World Series of Darts

This past weekend, I went to the finals of the World Series of Darts in Glasgow. I never thought this was a sporting event I would attend. It also never crossed my mind that darts could be a nationally televised event. Little did I know. I highly recommend watching the darts, and in fact, I would go again. 

Some dart basics: A match consists of a certain number of legs, from best of a number of games, usually 11 to 21. Legs are generally from 501 points, and you subtract points and win by reaching 0 with a double (the outer ring on the board). 

So here are a few tips for enjoying the darts. 

Embrace the fancy dress. You’ll probably get on tv! And make new friends. And loads of selfies with strangers. But lots of people do dress up. The crazier the better. 


Bring a marker. They typically leave signs you can write on on the tables, so go crazy, dart related or not. 

Know that 180 is the biggest score you can get in one turn. And everyone cheers when someone gets 3 triple 20s. 

It’s a giant party. You’re much better off at the tables on the floor than in the stands. The views are better and it really is a party. 

There will probably be singing. From “stand up if you love the darts” periodically to singing cheerio when someone was escorted out, there was quite a bit of festive singing. Of course, there was more as the day went on. 

What’s the most unique sporting event you’ve been to?

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  1. My husband watches this on television, I never understood the attraction but now having read your post this sounds like an absolutely great evening and loads of fun!!

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    1. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it on tv, but watching it live was awesome!

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  2. Trish says:

    I think I would like the singing part!

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    1. The singing definitely made it more fun!!


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