A Perfect Weekend in the Lakes

The Lake District is easily accessible from most major trainlines in the UK, and makes for an easy weekend (or week long) getaway.  Whether you enjoy walking in the fells, real ale or simply sitting on the water front and enjoying the view, there is something for everyone.  So, below, my thoughts on the best things to see on a weekend in the lakes!

Accessibility: Driving is probably the best option, however trains to Oxenholme (and then Kendal) are another easy option, with busses from Kendal going to Grasmere, Keswick, Ambleside and Windermere.

Walking: There are so many opportunities for walking in the fells (mountains) and around various bodies of water (tarns, meres, waters, only one lake according to local lore).  You can’t go wrong with some of the classics, such as Coniston Old Man or Catbells, or for a less strenuous day around the shores of Coniston Water or Ullswater. Walking from downtown Windermere to Orrest Head is also a quick jaunt. 

After your walk, head to a pub or café to warm up with a pint or some tea.  My personal favorites include the Black Bull in Coniston, the Hawkshead Brewery in Staveley, or the Bluebird Café in Coniston.  There are plenty of appetizing options in Keswick, Bowness and Ambleside as well.  It’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Spend the night in an a nice Lakeland bed and breakfast, and while away the evening in a pub.  There are so many local and craft beers to try, and even local gin made near Keswick.

Fell Foot park (a national trust property) is a lovely place to take in the views of the mountains, or to hire a boat and get on the water.  They also have a café and host free weekly parkruns, which I have run in several times and would recommend.

The Keswick Stone circle is one of the most impressive sights in the lakes, a Neolithic circle surrounded by some of the highest fells. As a bonus, you can reach it easily by car. 

If you’re tired of the outdoors, the Museum of Lakeland Life or the Pencil Museum are options, or a beautiful and functional Buddhist temple with excellent views.

If you want a bit more adventure, try driving through Hardknott Pass and Wrynose Pass, called the most outrageous roads in Britain.  They’re doable in nice weather, and the views are amazing.  There is a Roman Fort at the top that you can explore.  Check out my experience on Hardknott Pass here!

Overall, there is a ton to do in the lakes, all surrounded by dramatic views and friendly pubs.  It is definitely worth a visit! The floods from Storm Desmond have wreaked a bit of havoc in Cumbria in the last week, destroying property and leaving people stranded. We weren’t badly affected but the community has really come together to help those who were. I hope that there will be a great summer of tourism and hiking ahead, for all the people who live here and to help the local businesses and communities that were affected. 

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  1. We want to go back there badly but I’ve heard there is terrible flooding at the moment 😦

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    1. The flooding has gone down but a few roads are out of commission, and some towns are still recovering. I’m hoping by the summer things are back to normal, and hope you are able to make it back!!

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  2. Trish says:

    We are looking forward to exploring the Lake District, and especially to visiting with you , in April! Top on my list is to see frolicking lambs, a stone circle, maybe attempt catbells and to eat fish and chips and mushy peas at a pub.

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    1. I can’t wait!! You will definitely see all those things! And there is no shortage of mushy peas or pubs. 🙂


  3. Our son is desperate to visit the Pencil Museum – we’ll have to go now!!

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    1. I have yet to go, but it seems like a school field trip there is a rite of passage around these parts. The rest of Keswick is great as well, even if you aren’t into pencils. 🙂

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      1. I haven’t been to Keswick for years, just that little bit too far for us on a day trip, we keep saying we need to go though for a weekend….I used to holiday there with my family when I was young so do have loads of great memories, this must have been pre-pencil museum!!

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      2. It is a great weekend! That must have been a great place to holiday too. There are camping pods near Keswick that I want to try out this summer. They stay a bit drier than a tent.

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  4. I would love to go there. Don’t laugh but they used to go there a lot on Top Gear and I have wanted to visit ever since. It looks gorgeous. I particularly like your stone circle photo.

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    1. Thanks! The stone circle is probably my favourite place here! I hope you are able to make it here, it’s just as beautiful in real life.

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  5. treksandtors says:

    The road from Grasmere to Keswick is out of action and looks as though it will be until Easter. Its had many landslides along its length around Thirlmere and part of it washed away at Dunmail Raise. If you heading to the Lakes base yourself either north around Keswick and Cockermouth or to the south around Ambleside/Windermere and Coniston. To get from one to the other is around an hour and a half’s detour now

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    1. Thanks for the advice! I live in the south lakes area so that’s good to know. I hope they are able to repair the roads quickly, I’ve heard they are calling for rapid repairs, but we’ll have to see if that happens.

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