When You Can’t Go Home for the Holidays

Christmas has been my one of my favourite holidays for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid it was marked by a seemingly neverending countdown to presents and candy, and as an adult it has represented family togetherness along with days off work, presents and candy.  Last year, we attempted to spend Christmas with both my family and my fiancé’s family and the result was spending most of Christmas in the airport.  Great to see everyone, but not ideal.  This year we decided to stay in England, and to try to convince family to come to us.  My family isn’t coming for Christmas, but Lucas’s relatives are showing up on Boxing Day.

I am sad to miss my family Christmas Eve tradition of eating scallops wrapped in bacon and watching a Christmas movie, and reminisce about the Christmas Eve’s spent in St. Augustine, with lazy Christmas mornings wandering down the beach. It will be different though this year as we spend our first Christmas in England and try out some new traditions. 

This year, we’re attempting to cook our first turkey ever (pre-ordered and pre stuffed from Booths) and will be making mince pies alongside sugar cookies with expat friends. We’ll eat leftover turkey on Boxing Day and maybe find out what a Christingle is. I’ve enjoyed my first work Christmas do, and one for my running club, where I first are Christmas pudding. I’ve even purchased a Christmas jumper! Overall, it’s been a great lead up to Christmas even if it’s a bit different! 

Happy holidays to everyone who reads this, I hope you enjoy the season! 

Have your holiday traditions changed while living abroad? Anything I shouldn’t miss on my first British Christmas? 

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  1. Trish says:

    Wish we could all be together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will miss you every minute. God willing, we will all be together next year though and what a celebration that will be!!!

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    1. I’ll be missing you too! And next year will be so much fun!!!


  2. eleanorrosem says:

    Mince pies are one of my favourite things at Christmas! Missing them here in Spain, but my dad says he has some in the house 😉 Do watch the Christmas specials on TV like Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing, but it sounds like you’re being very British!

    I’m enjoying learning about Spanish customs, especially as they focus more on the Epiphany! That’s the day I return to Spain so I’m hoping to catch a parade of the Three Kings in the evening!

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    1. The parade sounds fantastic! Are you going home for part of the holidays? I’ll have to check which specials are on, I have heard the queen gives a speech. It will definitely be a new experience for me here but I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


      1. eleanorrosem says:

        My flights tomorrow, I have two weeks at home! Oh yes, she gives a speech every year! She was the first monarch to give a live recording (only now she pre records seeing as she’s nearly 90…) My family always have it on the tv but then we ignore it mostly…

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      2. Hope you had a great trip home! That’s really interesting (and understandable that she pre records now!)

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  3. Wheres the pic of the Christmas jumper?

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    1. Haha. I’ll include one later. I promise it’s festive.


  4. Booths turkeys are the best – our Christmas dinner staple!! Hope you have a very Merry English Christmas despite the unseasonally warm weather!!

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    1. I have high hopes! I just have to cook it correctly. I hope you have a merry Christmas as well!

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  5. I’m going back to Belgium for xmas, but my boyfriend is staying in the uk because he is working, It’s going to be weird I think

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    1. That’s too bad that he has to work. I hope you enjoy the trip back to Belgium!

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