A Very English Christmas

  Now that I’m relaxing on Boxing Day, I think I can officially deem our first English Christmas a success. It was the first Christmas away from my family, which was hard but we wanted to make the most of it. After a half day of work on Christmas Eve, and a meal out with coworkers, I headed home and to the kitchen to prep some food. We’d ordered our turkey ahead of time and some Christmas pudding, so I baked mince pies with chocolate crust, pecan pie and cranberry sauce. We then headed to church to find out what a Christingle was. Apparently all British children make them in school. It’s an orange with a candle, raisins and gumdrops that represent various things, and the Christingle service involved lots of carol singing and was very festive! We had a few nibbles and we headed to our local pub for some Christmas Eve pints and live music. 

 Like the night before Thanksgiving in America, the night before Christmas is a big night out, especially for those home from uni or staying with their parents. The pub was fairly packed, but we managed to enjoy some pints. We woke up not too worse for wear, and opened presents! Then took a walk since it wasn’t raining and got Christmas dinner ready. Our friend brough his parents (and a lamb kabob), and we ate (and drank) very well. We followed up dinner with a board game and dessert, then watched some Christmas specials on tv. Overall a different, but not unpleasant way to spend Christmas!

Happy Boxing Day!

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  1. Looks like it was a success !

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    1. It was, very delicious and good time spent with friends!

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