Location, Location, Location

As I’ve learned (a few times the hard way) location is one of the most important features when booking accommodation for a trip, especially a whirlwind one.  ‘Saving money’ by booking something that is inconvenient to public transit, may end up costing more in the long run with longer public transit rides, or cabs booked, and may not be worth it for the amount of time it takes to reach destinations.

In Amsterdam, we used hotwire to book a hotel we knew wouldn’t exactly be central, but we didn’t realise quite how far the zone extended, until we found ourselves taking long bus rides to get to city centre.  On our recent trip to London, we picked an Airbnb rental that was in Shoreditch, which I’d heard was a trendy and fun neighbourhood.  Unfortunately, Shoreditch was larger than I realised, I didn’t do enough research, and the neighbourhood we were in was very residential with only one pub in sight.

When we went to Paris, I referenced a travel guide and several internet sources since I wasn’t sure where to stay.  We ended up in a great hotel in the 9th Arrondismont that was well connected by metro and had numerous good restaurants.  The last times I went to Edinburgh I made sure to stay on the Royal Mile or in Grassmarket as it is definitely a walking city and those are the closest to most places.

In short, research where you’re staying, make sure it is close to where your want to go, or at least well connected by public transit.  Check which metro or bus line your are on, as a direct route to city centre is always much more convenient.  Good restaurants, shops and pubs in the area are always a plus as well!


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  1. Morag says:

    Very good advice

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    1. Thanks! It’s advice I need to keep in mind as well!

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  2. Good tip! We’ve definitely experienced this especially when taking budget flights…not so budget when you land hundreds of miles from the actual city! I’ve got friends in Shoreditch and I totally get what you mean–some of it is very well-connected and close to the tube but it’s larger than it gets credit for.

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    1. So true. The buses to get to city centre can be pricey and be time consuming.


  3. Great advice. I can’t tell you how many times I have actually done research on locations and thought I was in a good location that turned out to be farther away that I originally anticipated.

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    1. Exactly! I need to make sure I do a more thorough check and actually map things out in the future. The hotels/apartments can be pretty optimistic about their location when advertising!

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      1. I have found some on websites like hotels.com that are 50 miles away from where they actually say they are. That almost got me in big trouble last summer in Ireland!

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  4. angharadeyre says:

    Great post. You’ve reminded me that I must write about the time I ended up in deepest darkest Brooklyn – where even pizza companies wouldn’t deliver – thanks to an Air BnB…

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    1. Thanks. Ahh you must have been way off the beaten path if even pizza couldn’t find you in Brooklyn!

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