Views of Notre Dame

  After heading off the Eurostar and checking into our hotel, our first order of business in Paris was the Notre Dame cathedral.  Famous for gargoyles, stained glass and beautiful architecture (and a Disney movie) it is an impressive sight, and visiting at sunset was beautiful. The square in front of it was packed, and definitely a place to watch out for pick pocketing. Entrance to the church was free, but audio guides were available. We’d purchased the Paris museum pass, which included entrance to the towers, but unfortunately we arrived too late to get up close and personal with the gargoyles. The line to enter the church was long, but moved pretty quickly. It’s definitely worth seeing the inside!  


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  1. thegreyeye says:

    Nice, the way from Notredame to Louvre along the seine is my favourite place in Paris.

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    1. Yes! That’s the exact walk we did on our first night. Amazing!

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  2. pretty pictures! Hope you enjoyed Paris! I feel i’m due another visit!

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    1. We did, it was amazing. I hope you make it back soon!


  3. I think the gargoyles of Notre Dame are really fascinating sculptures. I’ve heard so many stories about them, and it’s quite funny to imagine them waking up at night 🙂

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  4. EmelyeKay says:

    I’ve been to Paris twice and both times I missed out on the gargoyles. If/when I go back, they will be first on my list!

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    1. Definitely! If I make it back I would definitely like a closer view of them!

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