An Evening at the Louvre

This is part of my series of posts about our New Years trip to Paris. You can check out our trip to Notre Dame here! 

 Since we purchased the Paris museum pass, we knew to make the most of it, we’d have to visit quite a few places. The obvious first choice was the Lourve, and since it is open late (until 10) on Wednesdays, after an early dinner we headed along the Seine and toward the famous pyramid that is the entrance. I’d definitely recommend visiting in the evening, as it wasn’t crowded, and aside from a relatively short line for security, there wasn’t a wait. The audio guide is worth it, and is actually a Nintendo 3 DS and does a good job of guiding you through the museum.  We had a few pieces in mind that we knew we didn’t want to miss, and chose our route accordingly. You could spend days there and still not have enough time to really take everything in. 

 The Winged Victory statue and wandering through Napoleons apartments were definitely the highlights. The Mona Lisa is relatively small and continually surrounded by a crowd so you can’t always get a good luck. I suppose it’s a must see though! 

It was fun to see such famous works of art and I’m glad we went in the evening. I can totally see how the museum could be crowded and unpleasant during the day. I’m glad we went, but as I’m not an art expert, the evening was sufficient for me!

Do you love the Louvre? Think it’s over rated? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. angharadeyre says:

    I think both times I was in Paris and inclined to go to museums, the Louvre – and all the other public galleries – was shut because of a strike… It meant we got to see some more out of the way, privately-owned museums, but I definitely feel I missed out not having seen the Louvre.

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    1. I didn’t realize Lourve workers could strike! That’s unfortunate, but there are definitely other worthy museums in the city.

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  2. Expatorama says:

    I’ve been a couple of times, but I’m not sure I can ever look at the Louvre in the same light after reading the Da Vinci Code.

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    1. Ha, true! I might have to re read it before I visit Rome!


  3. I love the louvre but the lourve, I don’t know. Is it another museum ?


  4. Morag says:

    Not to be picky, but isn’t the spelling ‘Louvre’?


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