Alternative Art Museums in Paris

Alternate title: Paris museums I hadn’t heard of before visiting.

 I like seeing the classics as much as anyone, but after a while, when the impressionists start to look the same and I’ve seen more paintings of the Madonna and child than I can count, something different is in order. After our trip up the Eiffel Tower (more on that later), we headed to the nearby Musee de Quai Branley, an indigenous art collection from around the world. 

 The architecture of the building is fantastic, and the way the indigenous art is showcased does a great job highlighting it. You’ll wander through art from the Americas, Asia and pacific islands as well as Australia and Africa. 

The only downside is that not all the descriptions are in English, but audio guides are available. 

The Centre Pompidou is another worthwhile museum in Paris. You can buy a ticket just to travel up the famous escalator art feature on the side, which offers excellent views of the city or you can stay for the art as well. 


view from the Centre Pompidou
It’s modern art, ranging from from the very well known (Picasso and Dali) to the very odd and experimental (a room filled with couch cushions). I don’t always understand or care for the modern art but it’s interesting, and the museum offers a free app you can download which acts as an audioguide. 



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  1. I’ve never heard about that museum but it looks interesting !


  2. Trish says:

    I agree!it is inspiring and refreshing to visit a museum of contemporary art!

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    1. Definitely! You never know what you might see!


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