Eating and Drinking in Tirol

Not only was Innsbruck a convenient and beautiful ski holiday location, it was one of the most delicious European destinations we have visited to date. With donuts, schnapps and Bavarian beer available this is definitely a foodie destination. And who doesn’t love a hearty dinner (and dessert!) after a long day on the slopes?

Frittatensuppe. Picture pancakes very thinly sliced in a delicious beef broth. Yes, pancake soup is a thing, and an awesome one.  I mean really, how could this go wrong? 

Schnapps. I’m not usually a huge fan of schnapps (not since the college days anyway) but since this part of Austria is famous for them, well, how could I not give them a try? We tried pine flavored, fruits and chocolate before settling on what we were told was the local favourite to take home. 


  Sachertorte. Also known as chocolate cake with an Austrian twist. 
Krapfen. Who doesn’t love filled donuts? These can be filled with different types of jelly or cream, and are the perfect end to a long day on the slopes. (Personal experience speaking ) 

Bavarian food and beer. One of my favourite things about Munich was the food, and since Innsbruck is in the same region, favorites like weinershnitzel, pretzels and weissbier are all readily available. 

Radler. A 50-50 mix of beer and lemonade (Sprite). Refreshing and delicious. 

A few of the best places we found to eat and drink: Die Wilderin was a trendy restaurant that offered great local cousins. The dumplings and chicken burger were amazing. 

Tribaun is a craft beer bar in a cellar that had really interesting selections from local areas and around the world. I tried a smoked beer for the first time and did a flight of great local beers. 

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  1. angharadeyre says:

    Yum. I’m don’t ski, but I’ve been thinking of a trip to this region for a while, and your descriptions of the food have convinced me!

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    1. Even without the skiing, the food and natural beauty make it worth a visit. Plus, I hear the hiking in the summer is great!

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