First Trip to an EPL Game

One of our UK to dos was to go to a premier league game. Since we live in the north, there is no obvious team so support, we are equally close to Manchester and Liverpool, and Newcastle isn’t much further.  Based on ticket prices and the fact that we hadn’t yet been to Liverpool, I booked tickets to an Everton game and made plans to visit Goodison park and spend a surprise weekend in Liverpool. 

Goodison Park is one of the oldest premier league stadiums, the good thing about this is that tickets are relatively cheap and you can sit close to the action. The bad thing is that because it is older, large built up girders and stanchions restrict the view a bit. We easily caught a bus from city centre to the stadium to a rather residential neighborhood where people were getting ready for the game. One of the things that always surprises me about football matches is that you can’t drink in the stands! The beer is (relatively) reasonably priced but you can’t have it at your seat.  This is a far cry from having hawkers selling (very expensive) beers to you at your seat at most American professional sporting events. 

I really enjoy the singing that goes on at most sporting events here (even the darts!) and this game was no exception. Unfortunately, Everton was defeated by West Brom, but it was a good game and lots of fun. I don’t think I’m an Everton fan yet, but I’d definitely go to another EPL game!

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  1. Expatorama says:

    I think you used to be able to drink at football matches until the mid 80’s, now you are not allowed to ‘drink alcohol in sight of the pitch’. I’m pretty sure the ban on alcohol in the football stands was directly linked to football hooliganism, which at one point was a huge problem. However, you can drink at cricket and rugby matches.

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  2. angharadeyre says:

    Yes, I can highly recommend cricket – it’s a bit like going to see baseball, but longer. You can take the weekend papers and a picnic, and just settle in.

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    1. Cricket is on the to do list, as is rugby! It’s such a long sport though, I can’t even imagine a match being several days. Maybe I need to go to a short t 20.


      1. angharadeyre says:

        Maybe – or just a 1-day game. Test matches are like military campaigns, and strategy is very important (especially in the UK when you have to make decisions about when to stop batting and let the other team start based on whether or not it might rain the next day and leave you with just a draw).


  3. Alex says:

    How’d you find the fans? I remember at my first game they were all a little more intense than I was used to… Great experience though

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    1. We went to a USA vs Ireland friendly not too long ago so I think that prepared me a little haha. I’m sure it gets pretty heated sometimes though!

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