Museums of Liverpool 

  Liverpool was the last of the northern cities on my list to visit. I wasn’t sure to expect, but I’d heard good things about live music, museums and lots of Beatles history. The main focus of our trip was to see the Everton match, but we managed to squeeze in some sight seeing and excellent restaurants. The first night, we arrived and had dinner at Kasbah, a Moroccan restaurant. If you go, get the special Moroccan tea, it was amazing. (As a funny note, they don’t serve alcohol, and we saw a few people get seated, attempt and fail to order wine and leave).

We stayed at the ibis styles, which had a solid location and the rooms are all themed after Beatles songs. We stayed in the strawberry fields forever room.

The next morning, we headed to the match then got delicious Mexican street food at Lucha Libre. The tacos were excellent (and I’m very taco deprived) and the cocktails were amazing (but pricey)!

The next day, we headed out early to see the museums on the docks. The International Slavery Museum was interesting, and some of the exhibits were a bit hard to see. They were on topics varying from African enslavement in the 1800s in the Americas to child labour in India and sex trafficking. Definitely interesting and worth seeing.

We also visited the Maritime Museum which focuses on Liverpools maritime legacy. White Star (the company that owned titanic) was located in Liverpool. It wasn’t as amazing as the Titanic Museum in Belfast but the other parts of the museum that focuses on cruise lines and submarine warfare were really interesting. In the basement is an interesting little museum on the customs and imports of the U.K., where you can attempt to pick out drug smugglers from a crowd and identify what is being illegally smuggled in various boxes. 

The Museum of Liverpool is another great (and free!) museum on the docks. Here, you can learn where the scouser accent came from and a lot about the people of the city, and the economic struggles they’ve faced. They’ve also got great exhibits about the tramway that ran across the water front and the urban development of the city centre.

Following this long day of leaning, we grabbed a late lunch and headed back to the lakes.


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  1. Great tips for when I visit Liverpool one day 🙂


    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It’s such an interesting city!

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  2. I really loved Liverpool and the Docks area was amazing! How was the match?

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    1. The match was good! I wish Everton had played better, but it was definitely a lot of fun anyway! I wrote a separate post about the match here:

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      1. Cool! I will check it out!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it!


  3. angharadeyre says:

    It’s a long time since I’ve been to Liverpool. We used to go shopping there all the time, mainly because the people were friendlier than anywhere else near us. Glad you got to see so much.

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    1. The shopping is so good! I didn’t think the world wanted to know about my shopping exploits but Liverpool One was great! The nightlife was great as well, and people in the pubs did seem friendly.

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  4. treksandtors says:

    Used to live in Liverpool when I was at Uni, and originally from down the road in St Helens. Love the place, great people, great pub, Liverpool One shopping is excellent and the docks area has really improved. Beatles museum is worth a look. Shame you went blue and not red regarding the football!!!!

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    1. If (when) we make it back, I’d like to go the Beatles museum! I had no good reason for picking Everton, (and they lost!) so maybe if I go back I’ll check out a Liverpool game instead!

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  5. The match was good fun! (Although Everton lost). I’ll definitely try another one and hopefully another trip to Liverpool.


  6. findingnyc says:

    I always love the city museums when I visit a new place – they are always a bit quirky, but you learn fun things you won’t learn about anywhere else! I haven’t been to Liverpool yet, but it sounds like some interesting places to check out.

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    1. Agreed, city museums are great for learning about the place itself. Liverpool was a great city to visit, I hope you get a chance to visit someday.

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