Expat Limbo

When you’re an expat, especially when you’re an expat partner, it can feel like your life is out of your control a lot of the time.  Not only are you depended on the government and an employer, if it isn’t YOUR employer, it’s your partner’s you can feel very out of the loop. (Speaking from personal experience here!) It’s annoying to know that whether you have to move, find a new job and start over is completely out of your hands, and in fact in the hands of people you’ve never met.  And they keep pushing the decision date back, causing more and more stress!

We were told we’d know if our contract was extended in December…then March, now they’re saying the end of April.  If we don’t get an answer by mid-May, we have to go home in August.  They keep saying we’ll get to stay and that they’re working on it, but we haven’t gotten the official ‘OK’ yet, and it’s driving me mad! Plus this affects where I’ll order my wedding dress, where we’ll honeymoon and whether or not I’ll be taking part in the Great North Run. (Ok, not as big of a deal but still, kinda important)

We’ve both decided we’d like to stay for another year or so, we love the town we live in, the travel is amazing, we both enjoy our jobs and we’ve made friends in the area.  We may as well enjoy it while we can, since opportunities like this don’t come along every day. Hopefully the timing and funding will align for us, and it’s looking pretty good, so fingers crossed we’ll hear good news soon and the expat limbo will be over!

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  1. Hope it all works out – and soon!!

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    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed 🙂

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  2. angharadeyre says:

    I’ve been in this situation. It’s horrible, and the people in charge just don’t get how upsetting it all is. Thinking of you.

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    1. Thanks! They definitely don’t, but hopefully it will all work out soon!

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