Beautiful Bath

Bath is famous for its beauty and was the next stop on our South England Road Trip.  The famous golden hues of the bath stone and the Georgian architecture make it a lovely city to wander through, and there are tempting restaurants and boutiques around every corner it seems. The abbey and old buildings are so photogenic, and well lit at night. I’m a bit sad we had less than 24 hours to spend there, but with any luck I’ll be back someday!

Of course, the real reason Bath is famous is for the Roman baths, which we visited.  Somehow, the original large  bath survived (lead lining in tact and still watertight!) from when the Romans found hot springs in the area and built thermal pools to relax in. The roof caved in, but the lower structure remained in tact. If you visit the Baths, definitely take the free guided tour.  It’s more interesting than the audioguide and I really enjoyed hearing anecdotes about the Roman’s bathing habits, some more gross than clean. I also appreciated the in character guides, one of whom asked us if we were going in the steam room with or without our togas…

 In more recent times, people died swimming in the baths due to the lead pipes/lining and infectious diseases, so while pretty to look at, you can’t take a dip.  There are thermally heated pools that you can soak in elsewhere in town including a rooftop pool at Thermae Spa, but we didn’t have time to make it there.

The friends I visited with stayed at Brock’s Guest House, which was central and reasonably priced with adorable rooms.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know I could go until later and they were fully booked, so I booked into St. Christopher’s Inn, a hostel, instead.  It was really inexpensive, very central, and the all female dorm was quiet and clean. I’d also like to note that we ate well, there were so many delicious looking restaurants to choose from.  It made a great stop on our girls getaway!  


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  1. Beautiful! It looks like you really lucked out with the weather! I think it’s one city that really really shines (no pun intended!) with the sun because of the stone. Thanks for the hostel recommendation!

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    1. Ha! We did luck out with the weather, it was gorgeous, and during the week so not terribly crowded.


  2. ldr13 says:

    It looks lovely! Bath is definitely on my list of go to places 🙂 partly because of all those spas. History and a bit of pampering sounds like a good few days to me 🙂

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    1. I think you’re right, that’s the perfect combination. Definitely an enjoyable city to stop in.


  3. angharadeyre says:

    I love Bath, for the many reasons you give. They have a nice Christmas market too, which I’ve not had the chance to spend enough time at… (Read – not had the chance to drink enough mulled wine at!)

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    1. Hmm that seems like a good time to go back! Nothing beats a good Christmas market!

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  4. scribbler says:

    Such a apt title, it surely is beautiful 🙂

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    1. Definitely! So much architecture and so many cute shops!

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