Prague Castle and the Beer Spa

We decided to spend Easter at the famous Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world.  It’s on the top of a hill, across the river from where we were staying, so we spent the morning finding breakfast and wandering across the Charles Bridge and up the hill.  You can see the courtyard of the castle for free, as well as the exterior of many buildings.  There are several different types of tickets you can buy to gain entrance to different combinations of buildings within the castle.

If you are planning to pay to get into some of the buildings, I’d recommend the Prague Castle Story, as it runs through the basic history of the castle, and how it developed over the years.  Everything is in English and Czech and the exhibits are well labeled and displayed.

St. Vitus Cathedral is beautiful as well.  We didn’t see the treasury, but the church has beautiful stained glass windows and architecture and is worth a stop.  The Golden Lane is a tiny row of medieval shops, some of which are used as souvenir shops today, as well as a display of armor and weapons. You can even try to shoot a cross bow! (and hopefully you’ll be more successful than I was!)

There are palaces you can wander through as well, but we only managed a quick glimpse before they closed early for the Easter holiday. The it was off to the Beer Spa.

I’d read about Spa Beerland on several people’s travel bucket lists, and one person who had actually been.  It sounded amazing! And we were not let down. Basically, you get a private room with a cask shaped Jacuzzi filled with hot water with hops and other beer ingredients added in.  On the side of the tub are taps, and you can drink as much beer as you want! You get about 40 minutes in the tub then another 20 to relax on a bed of hay (covered with a clean sheet) and eat beer bread.  After spending a few days on our feet trekking around the city, it was great to have some time to relax, and a beer themed spa was definitely the way to go!

This post is the last in the series about our travels to the Czech Republic.  Check out my posts on Plzen, Prague at Easter and our Alternative Tour of Prague.

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  1. rANG bIRANGE says:

    Cool pics n post

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    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed!


  2. treksandtors says:

    Not sure I’d be fit to get out of that bath!!! 40 minutes with Czech beer!! Brilliant

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 40 minutes of beer is a bit dangerous! It was really relaxing and a lot of fun though 🙂

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