Scotland Road Trip Part I: From the Lakes to Glasgow

After spending half a week touring around the lakes, Lucas, my parents and I headed out on a road trip of Scotland. We’d taken them up Catbells, around our hometown as well as Ambleside, Bowness and Keswick, the Lake District staples. It was time to head north in our trusty hire car. (The fiesta would have made an unpleasant journey for 4). 

The trip to Scotland was an ambitious five night journey, which would hopefully allow us to see the Highlands and Islands in a not too hurried way. First on the agenda though, was finding me a wedding dress. Or at least trying. I’d been to one boutique in London  with my friend who visited in March, but hasn’t found the dream dress. We started our search in Kendal on a Wednesday morning, with Glasgow appointments lined up for the afternoon. I found the dress in Kendal, and am so excited to finally get/wear it! 

We grabbed lunch for the train and headed to Oxenholme to catch the high speed train to Glasgow. With no bridal appointments to make, we checked into our hotel and wandered around Sauchiehall to see the sights and grab a celebratory pint. When Lucas arrived, we got some delicious sushi. We then hit up the Glasgow stand by whisky bar, the Pot Still, which has excellent bartenders and an amazing selection of whisky. 

Then it was off to bed for an early start. The rest of the itinerary included a night in Oban, two on Skye and the final night in Inverness, with lots of sightseeing in between. 

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  1. Scotland looks beautiful dying to visit!

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    1. It’s amazing! Hope you make it there!


  2. You are visiting one of my favorite areas in the world. It is so very beautiful up there in the highland lakes. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! And congrats on the dress.

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    1. It is amazing! I’m already trying to scheme a way to go back!! One of the most beautiful places I’ve been.

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      1. I’ll meet you there!

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  3. treksandtors says:

    The pic looks to be from Catbells looking across to Walla Crag and Bleaberry Fell. I’ll be up that way in August, can’t wait!

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    1. You are correct! Catbells is one of my favourite hikes, as the effort to view ratio definitely favours the amazing view!

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