Scotland Road Trip Part II: Glasgow to Oban

After a hearty breakfast of New York style bagel sandwiches we headed further north. Seriously, there was an America themed breakfast place just down the street from our hotel. The snow started when we reached the heights of Rest and Be Thankful Pass and fortunately let off when our elevation dropped. 

We stopped in the cute seaside town of Inverary for a break. Despite the bleak weather (especially for mid to late spring!), the town seemed like a popular destination. It has beautiful, moody views of the sea, and I imagine when the weather is good it’s quite charming. We visited the outside of Inverary Castle (of Downton Abbey fame) and wandered a few souvenir shops along the main drag before finding a great seafood lunch at Samphire Seafood and an escape from the rain. Then it was onward to Oban. 

After checking in to the Barriemore Hotel we headed off to our tour at the Oban distillery. The tour was really informative and gives an idea of how much work goes into making whisky and how the town grew up around the distillery. It’s interesting to hear how different Scotch gets its flavour when the rules are so strict on the process of making it.  And the process hasn’t changed much over the years! We drank our wee drams and played some darts at a local pub before heading to dinner. 

EE-USK was our dinner pick and it was a solid choice. Seafood again! A little pricey, but the seafood is so local and fresh and the views of the water were great. We live near the coast now, but for some reason the only local seafood you can find around is potted shrimp, and I haven’t been brave enough to try them yet. 

This is the second post in a series about our road trip around Scotland! You can check out the first part of our road trip here!

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  1. Rest And Be Thankful pass – what a great name!!

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    1. We were thankful to be through it-it was a bit hairy with the snow and steep grades!

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  2. Trish says:

    Thank you for planning this adventure! What a fantastic trip it was! I had no idea that Scotland was so beautiful. The drive and rest stops so scenic, and the weather ever changing , just to keep it interesting.Each town we stopped in was unique and the people were very friendly. Inverary lunch is where I tried Iron Brew.

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    1. It was a great trip, glad you guys were along for the ride! Definitely one of the most scenic trips we’ve been on. 🙂


  3. Our last big trip while living in Europe was last October in Scotland. Happy to be revisiting through your travels! Isn’t Scotland beautiful?

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! I had no idea it was so beautiful, but it’s got such amazing scenery. I’m already trying to plan a trip to go back and hike Ben Nevis.


  4. ldr13 says:

    Lovely photos it looks like the sort of place writers would be inspired to write about. The town has such character. I may have to plan a visit to scotland!

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    1. It definitely is and I hope you get a chance to visit. We got lucky with the weather and the views were amazing!

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  5. fromdreamtoplan says:

    Wow the pics are amazing!! I bet you’ve enjoyed your trip!!
    I’ve changed the URL of my blog so if you still want to receive my post notifications please press the follow button here: 😉 (the old one will be closed soon!)

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    1. Thanks! It was an awesome road trip. I’ll check it out 🙂

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