A Weekend in Chester

If you’re looking for an extremely photogenic city with lots of shopping and restaurants, Chester certainly fits the bill.  It’s on the border with Wales, and has houses dating back to the middle ages (as well as Victorian replicas that are designed to look old!).  We were in town for a wedding, but spent an extra day taking a walking tour and enjoying the sights…and doing a little shopping.  The tour was through the TI in town and interesting as it covered the history of the buildings, and the guide pointed out features we never would have noticed on our own.

The Roman ruins were really interesting as well, an amphitheater and all sorts of foundations are scattered through the city. 


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  1. I realize that the 2nd picture is probably a cab company (kingkabs) but when i first looked at it I thought it said Kebabs and got really excited

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    1. Womp. No such luck. Though we did go to a Turkish restaurant for dinner and had amazing kebabs.

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  2. Hi I just wanted to stop by again and comment on how AMAZING your photos are. do you use a social camera/editing software?

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    1. Just an iPhone usually! Thanks doe checking out the blog.

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  3. Emma says:

    Love chester nice post X

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    1. Thanks! We had such a lovely weekend there, one of the prettiest cities I’ve been to!

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