South England Road Trip Part 3: Ironbridge Gorge

After learning about Neolithic Britain on our first day in Bath, then spending our second day wandering the city, it was time to head back north. What could we use to break up 4 ish hour journey to Cumbria… a bridge and the site of the start of the industrial revolution of course! After our terrible experience finding a restaurant on the way down to Bath (there was baby oil involved, read Part 1 of the road trip for more details) we decided it was worth a small detour for a good meal and an interesting site.

The bridge itself is beautiful, free to visit and quite the work of engineering. Not everyone loves bridges as much as I do, but the crowds indicated that other people enjoyed it as well.  The town of Ironbridge is adorable, and there are lots of good places to stop for food and a pint.

We also stopped at Blists Hill Victorian Town, a recreated historic town from the industrial revolution.  You can exchange your money for old time money and visit shops, restaurants and various other buildings from the time period. It was fun to wander through, though probably geared a bit more toward families.

We then hit the road and headed north toward home.

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  1. Inger says:

    I love bridges too – and this is a beautiful one! 🙂 Did the city get named after the bridge?

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    1. It did actually take its name from the bridge it grew up around! Certainly a beautiful structure!

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  2. angharadeyre says:

    Wow – I remember visiting Blist Hill when I was around ten years old on a school trip! Lovely memories.

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