Where to next?

When we reached our 2 years in the U.K. milestone, we came to the realization that we might only have one year here left. And proceeded to go on a bit of a travel planning frenzy. I know I’ve said this before, but with a whole continent to explore, it’s so hard to decide where to go next.

We’ve got a trip to Kraków coming up in the next few weeks, which will be packed with adventures, sight seeing and hopefully plenty of Christmas markets. I’m excited to take a vodka tour (which will hopefully end better than the one in St Petersburg) and explore the city and Salt mines.

In December, of course, its back to the states for the holidays and wedding, with a week in St Lucia for the honeymoon. I can’t wait.

We’ve finally booked tickets to Rome in March, which I’m very excited about. A long weekend will only scratch the surface of the eternal city, but I’m excited for Roman ruins and gelato. The challenge will be not to try to see too much because you could spend weeks sightseeing!

We’re working on flights to the south of France for February. A long weekend wandering the French Riviera, touring vineyards and visiting Monte Carlo will be something to look forward to after our long trip back to the states.

In April, well be walking the Cotswold Ring, staying at B&Bs at night, and hiking through countryside during the day. It will be a relaxing break, light on sightseeing.

May is still a work in progress. We want to dedicate a week to Slovenia and Croatia, but there’s so much to see! Between Bled, Plitvice, Hvar and Dubrovnik, there’s a lot of ground to cover and so many forms of transportation required. But we’ll get there, and it will be worth the planning effort. Any tips on visiting Croatia would be much appreciated.

The early May bank holiday still hasn’t been allocated a destination yet… but I guess there’s time…

What holidays have you planned?

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  1. Expatorama says:

    If you’re visiting Krakow – DONT MISS the nearby salt mines. They are amazing!

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    1. We’ve booked a tour of the salt mines! I’m hoping my fear of heights won’t make the steps down too painful, but they look amazing!

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  2. Expatorama says:

    …and if you haven’t been to Istanbul you must go. It’s quite magical.

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    1. It looks like a great destination, I haven’t booked a trip because of the recent politics turmoil there but hopefully we’ll be able to go.

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  3. angharadeyre says:

    In early-season Croatia keep it flexible. There’s no real need to book accommodation (wherever you turn up on ferry or coach there will be people waiting to meet you with offers of rooms) and you never know what’s happening with the ferries – sometimes you just have to take the island you’re presented with – and they’re all beautiful. Find a way to get to Dubrovnik though. It’s truly the pearl of the Adriatic and one of my favourite places.

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    1. Good to know about the ferries, I’m not particular about which island, they all look gorgeous. We’ll definitely get to Dubrovnik, it’s the main reason for our trip!

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  4. Urska - Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

    For Slovenia and Croatia trip, I highly suggest renting a car. You wouldn’t have to rely on lousy public transport and you would be much more flexible.

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    1. Thanks for the advice, it does seem that getting to out of the way places (Plitvice or the Julian alps) will be difficult or impossible with out a car. I’m just a bit worried about how the roads and driving will be! Any advice?


      1. Urska - Slovenian Girl Abroad says:

        I think, driving in Slovenia and Croatia is simple. Very similar to driving in countries like Austria or Germany. The main roads are good and clearly signposted. Driving culture is ok, I guess. I mean, it’s not Swiss way of driving where everyone drives according to the rules, but is not as bad and chaotic as Italian way of driving. I think you don’t have to be worried. 😉
        If you need any advice on planning the trip just let me know. I would be happy to help.


  5. Just got back from Slovenia-Croatia-Bosnia trip – best trip of my life! And I lived in Europe 10 years, so I’ve traveled a lot. I’m not sure Istanbul is a good spot to visit right now – we traveled San Francisco-Istanbul-Venice on our way to Europe and Sarajevo-Istanbul-San Francisco on the way home. We had an overnight layover just after the US embassy sent all of its embassy families home due to kidnapping and terror concerns. Might be overblown, but didn’t feel great about the risk. As for Croatia, there’s so much to see and do. Definitely rent a car, buses are slow and train service very inconsistent. Check out our blog for detailed posts: http://www.topochinesvino.com.


  6. I hope you will make the most of your last year ! Any chance of an extension of contract/visa ?

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    1. Yes… there’s always a chance! We’ve got some tough decisions ahead.


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