A Weekend in Krakow 

Our weekend in Kraków was a good one, full of delicious food, a beautiful city and a thought provoking and somber day trip to see Auschwitz and the famous salt mines. The history of the city dates back nearly a thousand years and is a colourful one. From the legend of the dragon that lived under the castle, to famous residents such as Copernicus and Pope John Paul II, there are a lot of interesting stories. We visited Wawel castle and took a guided free tour of old town. Id recommend both if you have the time. The castle is a unique piece of architecture, but check opening hours carefully before you go. In the winter, some things are closed entirely, and the rest you can’t buy tickets for after 2:45 pm. 

The guided tour took us through the external parts of the castle, to the cloth hall market in the central square and to the famous university where Copernicus studied. The architecture is beautiful and made up for the icy winter weather. 

We wandered through the famous Kazimierz neighbourhood in the evening on our own, eating and drinking there, as it’s known for great food and drinks. We weren’t disappointed. Krakow has an excellent craft beer scene and a lot of tempting restaurants. 

We stayed at the Hotel Wielepole, which was central to old town, the castle and the Kazimierz, meaning we actually never took public transit.  It was a good value and had a tasty vegan restaurant in the basement. There was complimentary vodka in our room waiting when we arrived! If you’re looking for a weekend break with history and delicious food, you won’t be disappointed by Krakow!


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  1. angharadeyre says:

    I love the idea of complimentary vodka… I’ve never been to Poland but it’s on my list now!

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    1. Yes… you can never go wrong with free vodka! It was delicious, and welcome in the cold weather.

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  2. Amanda, we spent a couple of days in Krakow and I thought it felt a lot like Spain, particularly the central square which if you imagine a little bit could be Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

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    1. We went in December so it was filled with Christmas markets but I loved the central square. I haven’t been to Madrid to compare but it’s on the list!

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    1. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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