Three Things Not to Miss in Seville

As much as we spent a lot of our time in Sevilla wandering from tapas bar to tapas bar, we did manage to see the major sights of the city. We didn’t realize it was the weekend of the Sevilla Marathon so things were a bit crazy and crowded, but we managed to see the sights despite the crowds.
The Alcazar

The Royal Palace and gardens (also known as Dorne in game of thrones) are incredible examples of Moorish architecture. The audioguide takes you through the history of the palace and explains the secret passage ways and courtyards and their significance in history. As much as I sometimes feel like I’ve seen too many palaces, this one is unique enough to be worth a visit.

Book a time ahead online to visit to avoid waiting in a long line to enter.

Seville Cathedral

The beautiful Seville cathedral is a perfect example of the respurposing of a Moorish building into a Christian one. You can see the Moorish arches in the tower, and where the minaret was replaced with a cross. The climb to the tower gives amazing views and instead of stairs you are climbing ramps! This is because when it was a mosque, a donkey carried someone up to the top 5 times a day to announce the call to prayer. The cathedral is also home to Christopher Columbus’s tomb and some beautiful altar pieces and chapels. It’s a massive church and we weren’t disappointed on our visit.


There are plenty of opportunities to see Flamenco in Seville. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we booked tickets to an evening performance at La Casa del Flamenco. It was an hour long show that featured two dancers, a singer and a guitar player. The footwork was beyond impressive, and I loved the Flamenco dresses. It was intense and not what I expected. The seating is open, so it’s worth showing up early to make sure you’re in the front.


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Oh darn! Wonder why we missed the royal palace!

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    1. Now it’s an excuse to go back! 😉

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  2. Loved the view from the cathedral but we didn’t have time to visit the royal palace. It’s on my list for my next visit!


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