Expat Uncertainty and Lessons Learnt

We’ve been counting down to answers for months now, deadline after deadline has passed and still we don’t have a clear answer about whether we will stay in the UK for another year, or whether the time has come to move back home (or whether we will move to some other place!). It’s complicated, but without all our options laid out in front of us, clearly defined it’s nearly impossible to make a decision!

On the stay side is another year of travel and ticking destinations off an ever growing wish list. And the fact that we are now more established here and have made friends, and love being so close to the fells of the Lake District. On the go side is being tired of uncertainty, and being able to start a more permanent lifestyle in America,  being closer to American family and friends, and being able to celebrate American holidays once again! I really miss 4 of July BBQ’s, it’s just not the same here!

It’s been a life changing experience whether we do stay or go. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and about how much of a struggle it can be to make friends in a place where you really only know one person. But from this I’ve also learned that it’s worth the effort of getting out of your comfort zone to meet people, I’ve made lasting friendships here. I’ve learned how it feels to be the only foreign person in the room, and how much it hurts when people mock your homeland and nationality, things I’d never experienced before. And how important it is to make the effort to stay in touch with folks back home, because sometimes even just a conversation with someone from home can make everything seem better. Spending weekends climbing peaks in the Lakes and learning to navigate via OS map are things I never thought I’d do, but I now thoroughly enjoy them. All in all, it’s been quite a trip. Now hopefully we’ll find out soon whether it’s almost over…I haven’t quite mastered the patience required of expat life yet!

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  1. I feel you! I always thought that being American would be easier because you speak English and you made me realised that there as a barrier between you and English native speakers as well.. maybe for other reasons than mine. It quite surprising.

    It’s worth making the effort to go towards people for sure but it’s not easy! I hope you will get some answers soon, uncertainty is the worse because you cannot really plan anything!

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    1. I thought so too but it’s still difficult sometimes. I hope we get answers soon too! Fingers crossed.

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