Relaxing in Hvar

Following our busy days travelling around Slovenia and Croatia, we opted for two nights of relaxation on the Dalmation island of Hvar. We arrived in the mid afternoon, after wrapping up our day on the Blue Cave tour, and started the trek upward to find our Airbnb apartment. This apartment is probably the best Airbnb I’ve ever stayed in, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone staying on Hvar, as long as you don’t have an issue climbing the stairs from town. (If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, here’s a discount code for your first rental)

After soaking up the views from our terrace, we wandered to the smallest micro (nano?) brewery I’ve ever been to, Vunetovo Brewery.  The beer was pretty tasty, it was an adventure to find, you are literally drinking beer in the brewer’s back garden! (And she brought us cakes to eat with the beer, win!)

The music from Hula Hula was beckoning, so we headed down the hill to the (in)famous beach bar for some drinks and to watch the sun set.  The bar is set on the rocks, with sun loungers, swimming and lots of dancing. We ordered a few drinks, snagged a table and watched the sun set (and the people watching was excellent!). The drinks were strong, so after one, we headed into town for a pizza dinner. No regrets.

On our only full day in Hvar, we were on a mission to find a beach. We’d booked a wine tour for the evening, and wanted to spend the day on rented sun loungers dipping our toes in the Adriatic.  There are many beaches to walk to or take a cab to from town, and generally the price of a sun lounger for the day, with an umbrella will run you about £5. The beaches are rocky, and there is the occasional sea urchin, so water shoes are recommended. Or just touch the bottom as little as possible.  The water is incredibly clear, to the point where it’s almost freaky to see the fish so clearly swimming so close to you!

Our wine tour picked us and another American couple up from the Hvar Town and led us to very different wineries. One was a family business that had been in the family for generations and made small quantities of very traditional wine. Traditional wine snacks were paired with it, and we were allowed very generous portions of wine before moving on. The second winery of the evening was more modern and made more prestigious wines. Delicious, and the wine cellar was beautiful. Again, lots of snacks and lots of wine.

We decided to grab dinner with the couple we’d met on the wine tour, at a restaurant they’d visited the night before. We didn’t realize that this meant they’d made friends with the majority of the waitstaff, and that we would be receiving not only a free aperitif but several free drinks throughout dinner! Needless to say, it was straight to bed afterward, and it was slightly rough the next morning catching the early ferry to Dubrovnik!

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  1. Not staying on hvar was definitively one of the biggest regret of our Croatian trip. I loved the atmosphere of this island! Looks like you had fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so relaxed and petty! Did you go for a day trip?


      1. We did a day trip with the blue cave then the afternoon on hvar.. and oh dear, I loved that place and I was so sad to leave at night, we would have loved to stay overnight!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is a beautiful island, I wouldn’t mind going back and visiting some of the other islands as well!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Clare Thomson says:

    Fab photos, Amanda! We spent a week in an apartment in Hvar. It’s a great place for a chilled out break. Some wonderful restaurants (with super friendly waiters) as you say! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Clare! What a great place for a week of relaxation, I wish we could have stayed longer!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ruth says:

    I like the idea of staying on an island while visiting Croatia. I have thought about Croatia or Hvar. I am more inclined toward Hvar after seeing your photos ;0) By the way, the view from your stay is fantastic. #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. An island stay is definitely a good thing to do while visiting Croatia. I wasn’t sure we would find enough to do, but I thoroughly enjoyed Hvar!


  4. Oooh I like the idea of an evening wine tour tasting traditional wines! Next time we go to Croatia, I definitely want to visit Hvar! #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hvar is definitely worth visiting, and the wine was really good!


  5. says:

    I think Hvar was one of the most lovely places we have visited while on our Croatian trip last year. The town is really nice, and the fortress where you have such a cool view over the city and the marina, and then those along the island beaches! A true gem.

    Please also check my travel blog at I would really love to have your support also.

    And here is our experience in Croatia with both the Plitvice and Krka national parks.
    We liked Plitvice more, but Krka is also a great great one.

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    1. I just checked out your posts, great photos! I really liked Plitvice Lakes, and Hvar was beautiful as well and especially good for relaxation! Thanks for reading!


  6. How timely Amanda! I was in Hvar exactly 9 years ago and loved our stay there. It’s got exactly the right mix of sea activities, culture, food and wine. Glad to see it’s lost none of its charm. Thanks for joining #farawayfiles

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    1. I agree, what a great mix of activities and relaxation. Glad you enjoyed visiting as well!


  7. Reblogged this on Travel Inspire Connect and commented:
    Amanda living large! Sounds like a perfect spot for both people-watching (one of my favorite pastimes) and for a bit of snorkeling in the clear, turquoise waters of the Adriatic!

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    1. Definitely! The crowds are interesting and the beaches are gorgeous.


      1. I enjoy people-watching, so maybe it’s a win-win!

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