October Ruminations

IMG_2559I’m having a hard time believing it’s October, but the sun is setting earlier and the leaves have started to fall. Without a distinctive hot ‘summer’ in the UK, it sort of just slips from spring to winter, with the change in daylight hours the only distinctive marker of the change in season.  We (finally!) negotiated and agreed to a fourth year in the UK. This will be our final year. (I know we said that last year but this time we really mean it).

Now that October has come, I’ve realised that we’ve started the first of the ‘lasts’. This will be our last British Autumn, and the beginning of our last October here. The beer festival we’ve attended every year will be attended by us for the last time this weekend, and the families arriving now will be here long after we fly back across the pond for good.

It also means we have one year left of European travel, which has put us me into a frenzy of prioritising trips, planning ahead and booking flights. One Saturday not long ago, I booked flights to Madrid, Bratislava, Vienna and Sicily. (They were on sale, so it’s really not as bad as it sounds). I’m excited to finally be able to plan ahead, it’s been a difficult summer, not knowing what’s coming and I have mixed feelings about this being our last year.

On one hand, I really feel at home here now. We have friends, we’ve gotten used to working, shopping and living in the UK and really like how much travelling we are able to do. On the other, we’ve known all along that this isn’t a sustainable lifestyle and that eventually we would have to go home. It will be nice to live somewhere where we aren’t dependent on visas and a company’s support/decisions and don’t have the yearly panic of do we stay or do we leave. I’m excited to live near my north American friends again, and to live somewhere that we can stay as long as we please and even buy a house if we want to.  If the first few years were the learning curve, I think this fourth one will be the grand finale, filled with lots of adventures and ultimately the end of an epic chapter.

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