Culinary Catania

When it comes to food, Sicily definitely lives up to its reputation. We spent 3 nights in Catania eating and drinking our way through the city and we were not disappointed. So here’s what not to miss:



Sold as street food, these deep fried rice balls with a cheesy centre are amazing and come with ragu, pistachio and buttery cheese fillings. Definitely not to be missed!


The type of ricotta used (sheep vs goat milk) varies depending on what part of Sicily you’re in. They’re delicious either way though!


Especially pistachio. Pretty self explanatory!

Blood orange juice.

No photos of this one but our bed and breakfast served it every morning and I couldn’t get enough. It’s so delicious!

We didn’t get a chance to try horse or donkey but those frequently appeared on menus. The highlight was a cooking class  where we made fresh pasta, arancini and some ricotta filled desserts. We had so much to take home with us – which ended up working out really well when we were stranded in the Catania airport after our flight was delayed for 5 hours and the restaurants closed.

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious destination, Catania definitely fits the bill!


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